Dot to Dot Puzzles


Each individual letter of the alphabet, decorated with a pretty butterfly, is available as a printable PDF. These dot-to-dots are a great way to practice counting, drawing and your ABCs!

Letter A 1 – 23

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Adventurous girls and boys are admitting to everyone they love to connect dots. Join the alphabet action with this awesome activity. All you have to do is print out this page and add some lines. As easy as one, two, three and a, b, c!

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B from 1 – 25

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Build the letter B with the best dot to dot puzzle ever! It is better than blowing bubbles with a baboon or bouncing balls with a beaver. So be a sport and begin by printing out this free PDF.

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C These 28 Dots?

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Create a great letter C with this cool connect the dots activity. Combine counting and drawing to master the curves of our favorite third letter of the alphabet. Complete the whole alphabet and call yourself a champion!

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D From 1 – 19

Thumbnail image for D From 1 – 19

Drop everything and download this dandy dot to dot puzzle! Delicately draw in the lines to depict a picture. Dads, dinosaurs, and daredevils have decided that dot to dots are downright delectable. Do this one to decide for yourself.

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E in 26 Dots

Thumbnail image for E in 26 Dots

Everyone is invited to enjoy our selection of exceptional dot to dot puzzles. Entertain yourself with our activities edited especially for you and your entourage. We hope you find them as exciting as we do and that you will come back for an encore!

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The Letter F, 1 – 29

Thumbnail image for The Letter F, 1 – 29

Feed the family frog and grab your favorite pencil, because it is fun time! Find your way from one to twenty nine to finish the dot to dot puzzle. Fear not, there are other fabulous dot to dots for you to do after this one.

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G: From 1 to 31

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Get off your giant couch and print out this great dot to dot puzzle! Guaranteed to please, you will be giddy by the time you get to the last dot. So give your goat a walk later and grab a handful of gummy bears then go for it!

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Letter H – 1 to 32

Thumbnail image for Letter H – 1 to 32

Hi everybody! Here is a heavenly connect the dots activity that is sure to win your heart! How about you have a go at it? It is such an honorable hobby that you will be hailed as a hero in your home town! Happy days are here again.

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