Dot to Dot Puzzles


Bats, smiling jack o’lanterns, wicked witches, ghosts, and monsters – everything to get you ready for a fun and spooky holiday. Boo!

Ghost 1 – 24

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Don’t be afraid of this ghostly dot to dot puzzle. Lurking in the mess of dots is a cute ghost waiting to say “Boo!”. To find it, just connect the dots from one to twenty four. Suddenly this dot to dot isn’t so spooky.

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Jack o’Lantern 1 – 25

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It was a dark and spooky night…so we all decided to print out some dot to dot puzzles and have some fun! This happy jack o’lantern will light up the night and scare away any spooks that have dared to come around. Complete the drawing by connecting the numbered dots in order and then finish […]

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Witch 1 – 30

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The thing about witches is that they always have such cool hair. I wonder where she gets it done. Maybe you can do this connect the dots activity and ask her for me. I always get so shy around powerful women with cool hair.

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Spider 1 – 49

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Connect these forty nine dots and find yourself in fear country. This dot to dot activity is number one when it comes to scary spiders. Oh wait. This one is smiling. Maybe this isn’t fear country after all. We must be in super dot to dot fun puzzle land. I get the two confused all the time. Sorry.

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Skull Ghost 1 – 57

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This printable connect the dots activity looks pretty scary. But I have heard stories about scary ghost cats that keep me up at night. So stay alert and make sure there isn’t one lurking nearby.

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Scary Man 1 – 55

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It is not fair that everything scary comes out on Halloween. That’s a lot of scary stuff for just one night. Maybe we could ask the ghouls in charge of Halloween to have some scary stuff stay inside this Halloween. Like the scary looking man in this dot to dot activity.

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Two Jack-o-Lanterns 1 – 23

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This jack-o-lantern is sad because someone never finished him. Can you help him? There are twenty three dots to connect and then he needs to be colored. Of course you will have to give him all of your candy and maybe take him for a walk. Oh and don’t forget to tell him some jokes and give him a bath. Then he should be happy and if he isn’t you can…

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Jack-O-Lantern 1 – 55

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Finish carving this jack-o-lantern by connecting the dots. Unfortunately there is no dot to dot to recreate scooping out the insides, but there may be a pumpkin pie lurking in the Thanksgiving dot to dots! Who needs real pumpkins when we’ve got awesome dot to dot activities?

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