Dot to Dot Puzzles

Independence Day

Stars and stripes have exploded all over these festive printable activity sheets. Get your fill of connect-the-dot fun this Fourth of July with some cute stars, an American flag and a patriotic pinwheel.

Uncle Sam 1 – 15

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Connect your way to independence with this activity page. Connecting the dots may not seem super patriotic, but it is the little things that count and this activity has fifteen of them in all. Afterwards you can take it to the next level by coloring it!

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Stars and Stripes 1 – 20

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Old Glory has never looked so good! With this awesome dot to dot puzzle you can enjoy the stripes and the stars forever. Print out this downloadable PDF to get the Fourth of July Celebrations started. Happy Independence Day everyone!

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Starry Celebration 1 – 25

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As a proud American, it is your duty to do this connect the dot activity in honor of our fair nation. All the kids on the block will be amazed at your patriotism. The president will want to shake your hand and eat ice cream with you. All you have to do is print it out and step into your destiny. Do it for America!

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Patriotic Pinwheel 1 – 14

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Watermelon, fireworks, and pinwheels…what could be more summer? Escape the July heat and celebrate our nation’s independence with this stellar dot to dot activity page. Fire up your printer and check the ink levels, because after you do one, you’re gonna want to do em all!

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Independence Day 1 – 25

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Celebrate America’s declaration of independence with this connect the dot extravaganza! As you draw your way from one to twenty five remember how we refused to pay taxes to the British if they were not going to give us a voice in their government.

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