Dot to Dot Puzzles


Download and print some (or all) of these terrific Passover activities. You can complete a drawing of our man Moses or a Passover meal or try one that features everybody’s favorite bread: Matzo!

Unleavened Bread 1 – 10

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Help this little Matzo man celebrate the freedom of the Israelites and their journey through the Red Sea and on to the Promised Land. He needs help taking part in all of the rituals that honor the flight. Do your part by printing out this activity sheet and connect the dots.

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Passover 1 – 25

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Print out this awesome dot to dot activity page to celebrate Passover with your family. It is an activity that everyone can do together and it is free. You can make it a part of the festivities every year from now on! Happy Passover!

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Moses 1 – 10

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God needed a special dude to lead the Israelites to freedom. Moses was there to help him out. We need special people to do these dot to dot activity pages. Can you help? All you have to do is choose a picture, print it out, and connect the dots. If Moses could lend a helping hand, you can too!

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Matzo 1 – 20

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It is said that the Israelites left Egypt so quickly that they did not have time to wait for their bread to rise. Since you are not fleeing slavery, you can take a moment to print out this fun activity page. Take as long as you want to connect the dots from one to twenty. If it is all over before you have had your dot to dot fill, just pick another page and start the fun all over!

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Exodus Celebration 1 – 20

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Ancient Israelites spent many years as slaves to the Egyptians. When the Pharaoh refused to let them leave, God sent ten plagues to change his mind. Passover is the tenth plague. You can celebrate the freedom of the Israelites with this festive dot to dot activity page.

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