Dot to Dot Puzzles

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Get ready for the first day of school with these education themed dot to dot puzzles. They are filled with pencils, crayons, school buses, backpacks and apples — everything you need for school.

Shiny Apple 1 – 10

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Is it true that teachers like apples? What if they prefer bananas or pears? Although there a few things in life that are finer than crisp apple slices with some peanut butter smeared on them. And nothing is better than eating those apples while you do a great connect the dot puzzle. Like this one for example…go ahead print it out and have a great afternoon.

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Sharpen Your Mind 1 – 15

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Here is a great activity to keep your brain sharp. Print out this free PDF and connect the dots to reveal a hidden picture. Sometimes you can guess what the picture will be before you even start. See if you guessed right by connecting the dots and having a blast!

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Scholastic 1 – 10

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Exciting adventures await you at school! There are countless things to learn about and lots of people to meet. Jump on board this dot to dot puzzle after you print it out and head off to a wonderful world of learning. There is no limit to what you can do with an education!

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It’s Educational 1 – 20

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What could this picture be? Its’ secrets are hidden in the numbered dots that you can connect to unlock the mystery. Just draw a line between each of the dots in order from one to twenty and prepare to be amazed. All you have to do is print out this free PDF.

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I Heart School 1 – 20

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Take the boring out of school with this fun dot to dot activity page. You can practice drawing straight lines, counting, and coloring inside the lines without leaving the comforts of home. Impress your parents and teacher with the finished product. Happy connecting!

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