Dot to Dot Puzzles


How do you get from point A to point B? You could take a train or fly in an airplane. You could drive a car or blast off in a rocket. However you like to travel, just print one of these great puzzles and make your way from the start to the finish to complete the picture.

Tractor 1 – 22

Thumbnail image for Tractor 1 – 22

We love tractors because they are hard working, loud, and have big wheels. Print out this great dot to dot activity and draw a tractor of your very own. Draw lines between the numbers and then get to work coloring this heavy duty machine.

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Easter Airplane 1 – 20

Thumbnail image for Easter Airplane 1 – 20

Take a ride in an Easter airplane! Deliver decorated eggs and candy to all the boys and girls in the whole world! All you need to do is strap on your imagination and print out this PDF. Where will you go first?

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Fire Fighters – A to Z

Thumbnail image for Fire Fighters – A to Z

Oh no! There must be a fire! This fire hydrant won’t be ready until you connect the letters from A to Z! Can you get the job done in time to save the building?

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Sail Boat – 1 to 10

Thumbnail image for Sail Boat – 1 to 10

Sail this boat away on the great blue ocean by connecting it’s dots from 1 to 10.

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Rocket – 1 to 26

Thumbnail image for Rocket – 1 to 26

Help this rocket take off by connecting its dots from 1 to 26!

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Truck – 2 to 40

Thumbnail image for Truck – 2 to 40

Count by 2s all the way to 40 to get this truck ready to work!

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Scooter – 10 to 100

Thumbnail image for Scooter – 10 to 100

Zoom! Zoom! Make this scooter go faster connecting the dots, counting by tens all the way to 100!

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Airplane – 2 to 40

Thumbnail image for Airplane – 2 to 40

Count by 2s all the way to 40 and get this plane ready to fly away!

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