Spot the Differences Puzzles


This category features over 130 printable find the difference activity pages. Try traditional side-by-side picture puzzlers as well as challenging matchstick, missing piece, odd-one-out, matching and tangled pathway brain teasers.

Easter Bunny Matching

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Can you match this Easter Bunny to his shadow? Compare each shadow to the bunny and see where they are different. You can also compare the shadows to each other, spotting the odd ones out. However you find the correct shadow is up to you, we just hope you have fun doing it!

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Three’s a Crowd

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What happens when the girl you like likes someone else? Well, you could try to win her over with a fun spot the difference activity. In this one, there are ten differences to find and an answer sheet with which to check your answers. Print out a whole bunch of different ones and woo her […]

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Kitten Romance

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Love is in the air for these two sweet cats, but that’s not the only thing! There are seven differences between the upper and lower picture in this printable PDF, see if you can find them all. Included in the download is an answer sheet in case this kitty puzzle is too hard.

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Wintery Find the Path

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Fred the winter frog is trying to get to his sledge, but he keeps getting lost and ending up at the wrong spot. Can you help him label the paths A through E with the place to which they lead so that Fred won’t get lost anymore? Print out this PDF then use some colored […]

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Skiing Vacation Difference

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This spot the differences activity is great for the long winter months. Whether you love to ski or you are an expert difference finder, there is something here for everyone. Look closely and find the ten differences in these two snow filled sets of images.

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Penguins, Snowman, Tree

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It’s hard to believe that anything could go wrong when penguins are decorating the tree, but something did! Here are two pictures that are supposed to be identical, but they are not. Can you find all the differences between the two images? An answer sheet is included when you download the PDF.

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First X-Mas Differences

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One night a long time ago, a baby named Jesus was born and this free printable is the perfect way to say “Happy Birthday!” See if you can find all the differences between the two pictures. The answers are written on the side of the download just in case you get stuck.

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Two Christmas Differences

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Here are two Santa Claus spot the differences to fill your holiday season with cheer. Download this free PDF and let the master detective in you track down each and every hidden inconsistency. Get your friends and family to help if you get stuck because everyone loves a spot the difference puzzle!

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