Reader Reviews

August 1999

August 31, 1999 -- From Kittenluver87, 12 years old from Milledgeville, GA who is not affiliated with the site

The site features levels of coloring for all ages and most holidays.

Street Smarts for the Information Super Highway

August 30, 1999 -- From a teacher from Toronto, Canada who is affiliated with the site

This is an excellent, informative site written by a Child and Youth Worker focusing on teaching parents and educators how to keep children safe on the Internet. Making family rules, teaching netiquette, communicating with your children, getting experience online, how-to pages, and a kids corner are sections of this exciting, up to date site. –>

CSJH Art Gallery

August 30, 1999 -- From a teacher from Roanoke,VA who is affiliated with the site

CSJH Art Gallery, part of an extensive junior high school site, features scanned 2-D and 3-D artwork, computer graphics, animations and PowerPoint Presentations. CSJH Send-A-Card offers virtual postcards featuring kids’ work from the gallery. The site is constantly evolving.

Insecta Inspecta World

August 30, 1999 -- From a teacher from Fremont, Calif. who is affiliated with the site

Insects, they’re everywhere! The Insecta Inspecta team investigates termites, ants, bees, butterflies, beetles, fleasand many other insects with great scientific accuracy. The connections between history, science and art are clever.Comic bug cartoons sprinkled throughout the site offer unexpected entertainment along with genuinely well researched entomology. Insecta Inspecta World was built under the critical review of the Smithsonian Museum, NMNH for its 1999 Bugfest celebration on the Mall. The world is covered in bugs, so shouldn’t you know a little bit about them?

Magic Pokemon

August 29, 1999 -- From a 17 year old from Ontario, Canada who is affiliated with the site

This is a great site with lots of stuff to do. There are online interactive games like tic-tac-toe, a jigsaw puzzle, a tile game and more. There is also a chat room you can enter. You can read stories submitted by surfers, join the mailing list, or become a member. It is easy to use with a navigation bar. This site is for people of all ages, so there is no worry for bad content.

Patent Cafe; Gateway to Science & Innovation

August 27, 1999 -- From a reader from Sacramento California who is affiliated with the site

Patents, Discovery, Invention and Trademarks for Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Educators, Kids, Seniors, Patent Professionals and Librarians. Free Inventor Help Resources, Invention Books, Webzine, forums, 3000 hand selected and catalogued links, more. Huge, informative, Kid safe, designed, developed, original content, maintained by one overworked guy (me). I tell visitors that it’s like Disneyland: “You can’t see it all in just one day”.”.’Inventing’ is a career, hobby or pursuit unbound by age, sex, educational background, race. See also for separate listing:

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project

August 26, 1999 -- From a reader fromChicagowho is affiliated with the site

great site

The Interactive Shakespeare Project

August 26, 1999 -- From a teacher from Worcester, Massachusetts who is affiliated with the site

The Interactive Shakespeare Project is a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional initiative to improve the teaching of Shakespeare. The site includes a fully annotated edition of Measure for Measure (with over an hour of video, 3,000 annotated hyperlinks, study questions, and performance exercises). The site also includes an extensive Teachers’ Guide and a Virtual Globe Theatre that uses the cutting edge technology of VRML 2.0

NOAA Townsend Cromwell Student Connections

August 24, 1999 -- From a parent from Honolulu, Hawaii who is affiliated with the site

Excellent site for students of all ages interested in how scientists are working to protect and save Hawaii’s environment and endangered species. The site interactively tracks research cruises on monk seals, albatross, lobsters, oceanography, and fisheries. Students can send questions directly to the ship and recieve answers from an officer aboard the ship. The site updates twice a week with writeups and photos of operations. This is a great site for anyone interested in “hands on” field research on endangered animals and Hawaii’s unique environment.

Welcome to Kip and Co’s Official Website

August 23, 1999 -- From Gavin Forrest, a reader from Perth, Australia who is affiliated with the site

This is a great site for kids with bright and colourful images and lots to do. There are puzzles including a jigsaw that kids can put together. A game of catching the eggs for the Bungarras for breakfast, which is great for hand eye coordination. There are stories about the adventures Kip the Koala and all his friends have in the Australian bush. You can even print and colour in pictures of Kip and Tangles the Emu with the longest legs you have ever seen. Learn all about Koalas, Bungarras, Emus, Kookaburras, Cokatoos, Kangaroos.