Reader Reviews

February 2000

Ancient Egypt for Children

February 29, 2000 -- From Lucy Charlotte Acland Johnson, 13 years old from Oxford, England who is affiliated with the site

This site is a collection of articles,published monthly,to do with various aspects of Ancient Egypt eg. The Gods. It is written in a way which children will understand and enjoy. It is by a young person, particularly for young people, but for parents too! – The World of Math Online

February 28, 2000 -- a reader from Los Angeles who is affiliated with the site

Students can find free homework help and lessons. Teachers can find lesson plans and great classroom resources. Parents can access information about family math activities and math products. And it’s not all serious stuff – we have pages of cool math stuff, interactive math applets, and puzzles.

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

February 23, 2000 -- From Dale Van Eck, a reader from Williamsburg, Virginia who is affiliated with the site

Colonial Williamsburg, the restored 18th century colonial capitol of Virginia, is the largest outdoor museum in the world and its companion Web site is rich in historical resources for students and adults. Discover what life was like for the 18th century people living here at a time when the country was transforming from British Colony to American Independence.

February 22, 2000 -- From Links Editor, a reader from New York City, NY who is affiliated with the site is the largest and most visited parenting website in New York City. The site features a comprehensive calendar of events for NYC families, along with the largest archive of parenting news and information.

Home and Play

February 21, 2000 -- From Michael, 15 years old from Atlantic Canada who is affiliated with the site

We’ve got lots of stories (including a novel I wrote with my mom when I was 11), arts and crafts, fingerplays, interesting facts, wacky rhymes, caption contest, advice column and lots more. People really seem to like the page. I’ve been doing this Webpage with my mom to try and help my Auntie Gail. She used to work with little kids until she was in two bad car accidents. She hasn’t been able to work for a long time. I’m trying to get an income for her and also make her feel like she’s useful by helping parents and kids have fun together learning and growing.

NASA Quest — Space Team Online

February 21, 2000 -- From Lori Keith,a reader fromHouston, Texaswho is affiliated with the site

This site allows teachers & students to learn more about the shuttle & International Space Station programs by learning more about the people who work behind the scenes to make it all happen. NASA experts share bios and journals about their work, & have live chats with kids. There is a Q&A feature and the newest feature is live webcasts allowing real-time interaction via the Internet. Promotes math, science, history as it happens, social studies, reading, communication & cultural diversity. Easy to navigate.

Silly Jokes

February 20, 2000 -- From Gaspar, 10 years old from USA, who is not affiliated with the site

I like this site because it makes me laugh. It changes a few times a week and it always has some kind of theme. I hope you like it.

Discover America through Postcards

February 19, 2000 -- From Faith, a teacher from Usa who is affiliated with the site

Postcards from America is a virtual roadtrip of the USA that follows a history teacher and a photographer as they drive across America, seeing a state a week, and sending live postcards on the Internet every day from every state. Armed with a digital camera, these two adventurers shoot images during the day to create a “live-at-the-scene” postcard each night for their cyber companions at home and in schools. In addition to the daily postcard, the website provides Travel Tips, Fun Facts, Maps, and a Just for Teachers webpage for using the postcards in the classroom. Awarded 1999’s 100 BEST EDUCATONAL WEBSITES.

Online Activities at Syvum

February 19, 2000 -- From Bill Watson, a reader from Calgary, Canada who is affiliated with the site

Build vocabulary, spelling, grammar and reading skills through fun activities and interactive stories. Each activity has a detailed introduction and dynamic tests that are automatically generated and graded. Fun characters Nottie and Webbie give the kids company while they learn.

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

February 18, 2000 -- From Nancy W. Lewis, a reader from USA who is not affiliated with the site

This site is for children about the government. Ben Franklin takes the K child on a tour of the town telling them what each government office does. The alphabet is related to government and the United States. Very nice site for my class.