Reader Reviews

May 2000

Grading The Movies

May 31, 2000 -- From Rod Gustafson, a parent from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada who is affiliated with the site

Grading the Movies offers information on current movies, videos, music, and video games that will assist families in determining what entertainment products meet their standards. Developed seven years ago for newspaper syndication, Grading the Movies continues to expand. Now with web access, over 400 movie reviews are available in family appropriate language. Add the ability for parents to make their own comments and grade movies on sex, violence, and language, and you’ll see why Grading the Movies is a one-stop site for every family’s entertainment decisions.

Wildlife, Zoo and Underwater Photography

May 31, 2000 -- From John and Mary Ellen Fields, a reader from L.A., Ca who is affiliated with the site

This site contains many photos of African wildlife, zoo animals and underwater sea creatures along with information about all the animals. There is a new “For kids” section (for younger children)with coloring pages that can be downloaded and a Zoo Book.


May 31, 2000 -- From Nancee, a parent from New Orleans, LA who is not affiliated with the site

Psst… want to see a picture? How about the Mona Lisa? Artcyclopedia is a searchable directory of links to museum-quality artwork. The data base can be searched by artist name, by movement (such as impressionism), by subject (for example landscapes) as well as by medium and nationality.

Teacher Universe

May 30, 2000 -- From Renee, a teacher from E. Canaan, CT who is affiliated with the site

Teacher Universe provides teacher training (as well as help in technology planning) for teachers in grades K-12 in Integrating technology into the classroom. The site contains links for educators, information on grants, and career services for teachers.

Traffick: The Guide to Portals

May 29, 2000 -- From Andrew Goodman, a reader from Toronto, Canada who is affiliated with the site

Traffick is a niche Internet site that focuses on explaining, exploring, and analyzing the major web portals such as Yahoo and AOL. Much of the world’s Internet traffic routes through the major portal companies and their properties, but why? Traffick’s columnists and news updates will help the reader to understand the importance of the portal companies in the new economy, and the site’s regular test drives will help the user to get the most out of portal features. Traffick is definitely not just another list of useful links. It offers real insight into the worlds of web navigation, browsing, and the new media giants’ battle for supremacy. Site content is updated daily; weekly and monthly newsletters are available at

America Writes for Kids

May 28, 2000 -- From Sandy Asher, a reader from Springfield, Missouri who is affiliated with the site

America Writes for Kids is linked to children’s authors’ and playwrights’ Web pages, and is searchable by state and alphabet. It’s also interactive: Tell the world about your favorite book or play, or click on “Missouri” to enter a contest and win a free, autographed book. Dedicated to promoting literacy and creativity by introducing young people to “real, live” authors.

The Busy Educator’s Guide To The World Wide Web

May 27, 2000 -- From Marjan Glavac, a teacher from LONDON, Ontario, Canada who is affiliated with the site

The Busy Educator’s Guide To The World Wide Web features information about top Internet sites for busy teachers, librarians and parents. Book, software and reviews of educational games, teacher articles, reports and a free newsletter with back issues can also be found here.

Grade A+’s Verbal Advantage

May 26, 2000 -- From Christie Thompson, a teacher from Plano, Texas who is affiliated with the site

Prepare for those tests a word a day! FREE! Each weekday, learn a commonly used word from the ACT/SAT test. We’ll provide its definition, its origin, and a mnemonic device! At the end of each week, you’ll receive a quiz to test your retention.

May 26, 2000 -- From Lani , 10 years old from Florida, USA who is not affiliated with the site

It is SO cool!!!!!

Cave of Lascaux

May 26, 2000 -- From Peter W., a parent from New York who is not affiliated with the site

From the Ministry of Culture in France, this Webby award winning site lets you take a virtual tour of the Palaeolithic wall paintings of Lascaux. Explore the caves and learn more about the images created by artists 15,000 years ago. Available in English, French, Spanish, and German.