Reader Reviews

May 2000

Martin Luther King Scavenger Hunt

May 25, 2000 -- From Robert Goldman, a reader from Boston, MA who is affiliated with the site

This site can be used with children of all ages. It has audio, pictures, questions to download, a lesson plan, and a PowerPoint template.

Craftworks Magazine Online

May 24, 2000 -- From Natalie, a reader from New Jersey who is affiliated with the site

Includes free projects, kids’ crafts, industry news, photos, links, message board/forum, current issue contents, back issue catalog, shop directory–very kid- and family-friendly.

Millennium Mystery Madness

May 24, 2000 -- From Mrs. Pfister, a teacher from Naperville, Illinois who is affiliated with the site

This site offers information about mystery stories, including the history, mystery writing tips, a multimedia mystery to work on, and puzzles galore! There is also an Internet scavenger hunt to explore.

The Test Edge

May 23, 2000 -- From Mark James , a teacher from London, England who is affiliated with the site

This site offers free and comprehensive SAT prep for students wanting better test scores. Features include timed diagnostics, several full-length instantly-scored model tests, strategies review and, most importantly, score-tracking and feedback by email.


May 23, 2000 -- From Aaron, a reader from New York who is affiliated with the site

While computer-animated dinosaurs may have reigned supreme at the movies this weekend, National Geographic is upping the ante by offering Web wanderers the “real thing” at’s Dinorama: Dinorama is the online hub that combines the Society’s latest findings with some of the site’s most popular dino-centric features – including the recent “Archaeoraptor” debate, an amazing T. Rex CT scan, a dinosaur egg hunt and a “Family Xpedition” that encourages kids and their parents to help a dinosaur shop for Jurassic Real Estate. So log on to and take a Jurassic-sized bite out of the doldrums of summer.

Nextgirls Send Swirls!

May 23, 2000 -- From Soo Yeon Kim, a reader from California, USA who is affiliated with the site

This is a very new site that is hip and full of fun, mainly for girls but guys are also welcome. A lot of the site is still under construction but there are still things to do. The main draw of the site at this time is “SWIRLS” – basically they are free electronic greetings that are just so full of energy, vivid colors, action and SOUND!

Free Online Jigaw Puzzles

May 23, 2000 -- From C Reaume, a reader from Seattle, WA who is affiliated with the site

Free online jigsaw puzzles of nature: animals, flowers, sea, plus cartoons and NASA. More coming.

Making Scents of Money

May 22, 2000 -- From Tammy Cox, a teacher from Vidor, Texas who is affiliated with the site

This is a site that was created by my middle school students for the 2000 ThinkQuest Junior competition. It covers the history of money in the United States. There are a lot of interesting links and games to play.

AC/DC: What’s the Difference?

May 22, 2000 -- From Tom F., a reader from Garden Grove, CA who is not affiliated with the site

A simple illustrated explanation that shows the difference between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

Shakespeare Online

May 22, 2000 -- From Nora Greenwood, a teacher from Alberta, Canada who is not affiliated with the site

Shakespeare Online is one of the best educational resources on the web. As an English teacher I encourage my students to use the Internet as a research tool and Shakespeare Online has been an invaluable resource. There is a wealth of original content on every aspect of Shakespeare’s work. Not to be missed!