Reader Reviews

September 2000

Antimatter: Mirror of the Universe

September 28, 2000 -- From Rosy, a reader from Geneva, Switzerland who is affiliated with the site

From the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the world’s largest particle physics centre, everything you wanted to know about Antimatter, from History to Everyday use. For the younger readers, discover antimatter in our kid’s corner.

DolphinEar Kids

September 27, 2000 -- From Jackie Butler, a parent from Cyprus who is affiliated with the site

Keeping a 4 year old entertained can be hard work! Then, our son discovered the computer. And puzzles. He can’t get enough. So we ended up making some for him. Ho Hum, you say? Add some REAL WHALE, DOLPHIN & FISH sounds and light commentary and it takes on a different feeling. No plugins needed, just your standard browser. Please have a look!

KidsReport.Com * An online newspaper by kids, for kids.

September 26, 2000 -- From Jamie W., a parent from Los Angeles who is affiliated with the site

KidsReport.Com is a newspaper in which all the articles are written by kids. It is the best place on the web for kids to express whatever’s on their minds. News, sports, book reviews, poetry — you name it, KidsReport.Com will publish it.

America Writes for Kids

September 25, 2000 -- From Sandy, a reader from Springfield, Missouri who is affiliated with the site

Searchable by state and by alphabet, America Writes for Kids links to nearly l00 authors’ and playwrights’ webpages, along with many other useful resources in children’s literature and theater for young audiences. Both book and play reviews are welcome in the guestbook and comments and reviews are published monthly. Click on “Missouri” to enter a contest and win a free book!

Maths Year 2000

September 21, 2000 -- From Ron Knott, a reader from England who is not affiliated with the site

Try the growing UK site especially set up for International Maths Year to get more kids into Maths. It’s got some nice ideas I think your readers will like.

September 20, 2000 -- From Paige, a teacher from US who is not affiliated with the site has everything categorized by different grade levels. Very simple to use and students have used it as a great resource for help with their homework.

5 Tigers

September 18, 2000 -- From Felicia, 15 years old from Australia who is not affiliated with the site

This site has loads of information on tigers and there is a kid’s section with games, etc.

Wolf Park Kids

September 18, 2000 -- From John W. Davis, a teacher from Battle Ground, Indiana who is affiliated with the site

Wolf Park Kids is a new site for children to learn about wolves, foxes, bison, and our coyote, from a staff member of Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN. There is also games and contest and the children have the opportunity to send in a question and receive a answer.

Teacher’s Lab: The Science of Light

September 18, 2000 -- From John Norton, a reader from North Carolina who is not affiliated with the site

This latest entry at the Annenberg Teacher’s Lab website offers students and teachers activities that ‘give you ideas about light — and also about how you can use technology to explore light.’ Includes: Light in Color and the Laws of Light.


September 17, 2000 -- From Jessica, a parent from Germany who is not affiliated with the site

Maybe the largest collection of animated elephants in the www! My kids love this site.