Reader Reviews

April 2004


April 28, 2004 -- From Jeff Ross, a parent from Enlgand London, who is not affiliated with the site offers a comprehensive wimbledon tournament resource center including the latest news , matches informations , history tables ,tickets, fan reviews, facts and statistics.

National Geographic Map Machine

April 28, 2004 -- From Carol Seitz, a reader from Washington D.C., who is affiliated with the site

National Geographic has relaunched its online MapMachine with new enhancements to give users better access to hundreds of maps online. New content and map categories, user-friendly tools and improved search functionality make the MapMachine the ultimate mapping resource.

Banknote Gallery

April 21, 2004 -- From L. T., a reader from Barcelona , Spain, who is not affiliated with the site

Beautiful website with many scans of banknotes from all countries of the world. A must for all banknote collectors.

Volcano Expedition to the Marianas Islands

April 14, 2004 -- From Wayne Suiter, a reader from San Diego, CA, who is affiliated with the site

This Web site will take you to nine volcanic islands in the chain. Researchers from several institutions will be there April 9 to April 24 looking for evidence of the process by which material is cycled between Earth’s surface and its deep interior. The site will offer a guided tour through photos, video and day-by-day accounts of what the research team finds.

Brooklyn Expedition

April 7, 2004 -- From an anonymous reader in Brooklyn, NY, who is affiliated with the site

Produced by the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Brooklyn Public Library and Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Expedition has lots of interactive activities to make collections more accessible. Multi-disciplinary themes include Structures, Latin America and Brooklyn. Beautifully designed with kids seven to twelve in mind.