Reader Reviews

January 2007

Colleges that Change Lives

January 31, 2007 -- From Vicki, a reader, from Sonoma, CA, who is not affiliated with the site.

The traditional college setting was not providing what my son was looking for. Too many colleges required that he select to major in either music, or theater, or film studies, or English when he wanted to continue to pursue and blend his skills in all of these areas. Then a college counselor told us about Colleges that Change Lives.

This site selects colleges based on specific criteria that impact lives in terms of graduate successes, quality of educational experience and more. We found more than five colleges that were perfect for my son and so far he has been accepted to two of them — with scholarships!


January 28, 2007 -- From an anonymous reader who is affiliated with the site.

Millsberry is a fun and educational website created by General Mills, owner of Yoplait, Box Tops for Education, Pillsberry, and many other nationally and internationally renowned companies. On the site, you create a character and play games to get Millsbucks (money). The games have good motives and give you points in fitness, intelligence, and civics.

Tara’s Tale, The Wood Witch of Mineral Springs

January 28, 2007 -- From Grif, a reader, from Madison, North Carolina USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Tara’s Tale, “The Wood Witch of Mineral Springs” is a childrens educational website presenting an epic fairy tale, in verse, for the young at heart. This story is a celebration of life, through its verses life springs eternal! This story offers a great opportunity for parent/child interaction. Visit “The Wood Witch” and her magical friends in the mystical land of Mineral Springs! This wonderful story unfolds in the great state of…

Animation Playhouse

January 25, 2007 -- From Dave, a reader, from San Jose, California, who is affiliated with the site.

Free animated gifs listed in many categories.

Martin Luther King Scavenger Hunt

January 24, 2007 -- From Teresa, a teacher, from Boston, who is affiliated with the site.

Learn about Martin Luther King by searching the internet, using prescreened sites and thought-provoking questions to help you learn. Publish your work there too.

Coloring Book Shop

January 22, 2007 -- From Leah, a reader, from Albuquerque, NM, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Free printable coloring pages, including fun free games, and online coloring book. Also, fun facts about all of the holidays and easy crafts to do with your kids. Perfect for homeschool activities. Please check out our new learning spanish coloring pages too!

Tuesdays Child

January 22, 2007 -- From Chris, a reader, from Los Angeles CA USA, who is affiliated with the site.

We create webpages and birthday webpages for children who are sick, disabled, terminally ill or have life long illnesses. We also makeover children’s websites already on the web. There is no charge for this service however we do offer links to make a donation or become a sponsor to help us with operating costs.


January 20, 2007 -- From Greg, a reader, from Australia, who is affiliated with the site.

Pikipimp allows you to upload a photo form your computer and dress it up! Lots of fun!

The Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza

January 18, 2007 -- From Mo, a parent, from Oregon, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

The Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza one of the biggest Tolkien Communities online. The Plaza is much more than just a forum, it is an active platform for fans of the Lord of the Rings and other writings by J.R.R. Tolkien. The Plaza offers members a free, all-out Tolkien experience by providing the means to meet other fans in an environment that closely resembles Middle-earth. This community has truly been built for and by Lord of the Rings and Tolkien Fanatics.

Adopt a Sheep at

January 16, 2007 -- From Kenny Middleton, a reader, from Edinburgh, Scotland, who is affiliated with the site.

Find out about sheep on a real Scottish farm. Hear sheep noises and see sheep videos. Lots of free things to have fun with on the site.