Reader Reviews

July 2007

Parents Guide To Child Safety

July 25, 2007 -- From Tony, a parent, from Kansas, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Our website is a parents guide to child safety created for and by parents. This guide is a compilation of first-hand experience, lessons learned, and information gathered while raising our own children to help answer those child safety questions all parents have.

Gorilla Fund

July 24, 2007 -- From Lilly, age 12, from Australia, who is not affiliated with the site.

This site is really cool, you can adopt gorillas.

Free Online Piano Lessons

July 22, 2007 -- From John, a reader, from Terrell, Texas, who is affiliated with the site.

Provides lessons for the beginner piano player. Learn piano scales, piano chords, 12 bar “blues” progressions, basic music theory and more. All for FREE!

Tim’s Free Clip Art Drawings

July 20, 2007 -- From Tim, a parent, from Copenhagen Denmark, who is affiliated with the site.

Free cartoon drawings in black and white gif format for all to use and have fun with by a professional illustrator and cartoonist with 30 years experience in magazine and newspaper and advertising illustration.


July 19, 2007 -- From Brian, a reader, from Philadelphia, who is affiliated with the site.

Online degrees from accredited distance learning colleges and universities.’s Harry Potter Site

July 19, 2007 -- From Wiley, a reader, from New York, who is affiliated with the site., a website from The Book Report Network, has revamped its Harry Potter website in anticipation of the release of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. The website includes a number of features, such as: A Harrypedia, Harry’s Spellbook, So You’ve Never Read HP?

Jolly Roger – Pirate History

July 18, 2007 -- From Jim, age 12, from Oakland, California, who is not affiliated with the site.

Awesome flags and the pirates who flew them.

Alex’s Mystery Pictures

July 15, 2007 -- From Alex, a reader, from Bend, Oregon, who is affiliated with the site.

What are these close-up photos? Click on the image to reveal the answer. A new mystery every day. A fun mystery game on the What’s For Dinner? website Bird Feeder Cam

July 15, 2007 -- From Tom, from Theresa, NY USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Free bird feeder cam. Soon to come hummingbird feeder cam.

Happy Yummy

July 15, 2007 -- From Suhail Bin Ahmed, a reader, from Dubai, UAE, who is affiliated with the site.

Home of delicious mini ice cream balls, corn, nachos and waffle with links.