Reader Reviews

October 2007

Original Kids’ Crafts

October 15, 2007 -- From Giselle, a reader, from Rangiora, New Zealand, who is affiliated with the site.

Exciting kids’ crafts for every season and occasion. Everything from snowflake cookies to horse chestnut animals and Easter eggs that hatch. Christmas crafts, crafts from around the world, crafts for gifts and for kids’ parties. Fresh new craft ideas.

Rocky Mountain Kids Korner

October 11, 2007 -- From Marlene, a parent, from Montana, who is affiliated with the site.

Love adventure? Ever wonder what it’s like to live in the Rocky Mountains of Montana? Kids of all ages will love M & E’s real life stories of camping and hiking in the mountains with grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, moose, and more! But that’s not all! M & E share their book and movie reviews, their original fiction, and some favorite projects. So come along and have some Montana fun. Visit

The Wooden Periodic Table Table

October 11, 2007 -- From Paul, a parent, from Brooklyn, NY, who is not affiliated with the site.

This site has a great learning tool and reference in the Periodic Table Mr. Gray created. If you click on an element, it gives you loads of information about it, including example of items that contain it.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

October 9, 2007 -- From Vickie, a parent, from Souix City, IA, who is not affiliated with the site.

Your child may not remember his or her first dress-up Halloween, but you probably will. Get ideas for homemade Halloween costumes at

FIRST Objective

October 6, 2007 -- From Roger, a parent, from Michigan, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

FIRST Objective is an introduction to FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). We are also an online community for students, teachers, mentors and parents who are already involved with FIRST or wish to become involved. Briefly, FIRST encourages students to design and build competitive robots along with professional mentors from your community. There are FIRST levels for all school age students.

Pioneer Virtual Zoo

October 5, 2007 -- From Scholz, a teacher, from Hanford, CA, who is affiliated with the site.

Our zoo project is a way to preserve our student’s work. Each year in Life Science the 7th grade students research and document a specific animal. Our Virtual Zoo preserves that work and builds a relational shell to add context to each animal. Our Virtual Zoo is a resource to help students understand how animals are classified.

Did You Know?

October 5, 2007 -- From Roger, a reader, from New York, US, who is affiliated with the site.

An informative site that provides interesting facts on countless subjects.

Child Internet Safety

October 5, 2007 -- From Hume, a reader, from Connecticut, United States, who is affiliated with the site.

New site discussing issues of child internet safety directed towards parents.

Tell Me Why?

October 5, 2007 -- From Roger, a reader, from New York, US, who is affiliated with the site.

An informative site covering interesting and factual topics with concise answers to pondering questions.

How to draw cartoons

October 4, 2007 -- From Jaskaran, a reader, from India, who is affiliated with the site.

Wouldn’t it be cool to know how to draw cartoons in just a few steps? This page full of free online tutorials will show you how to draw everyone from SpongeBob to Snoopy, and Daffy Duck to Dora The Explorer. The step-by-step lessons are easy to follow, and show you how to sketch, draw, and then color your way to the completed work. Each given stage will proceed only whenever you press play, so following the lesson will be no problem!