Reader Reviews

October 2008

National Parks of Nevada

October 31, 2008 -- From Mike, a reader, from United States, who is not affiliated with the site.

Visit Nevada today and visit one of more than 25 state and national parks this beautiful state has to offer. Contact us today for your free visitors guide

Free Easy Piano Lessons

October 30, 2008 -- From 88keyz, a teacher, from USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Free online piano lessons for all ages and levels, presented in a fun and encouraging fashion.

Lendts Pumpkin Patch

October 30, 2008 -- From Val, a reader, from Minnesota, who is not affiliated with the site.

Lendts pumpkin patch has recipies and carving patterns for the whole family.

Online Spelling Bee

October 29, 2008 -- From Debra, a reader, from USA, who is affiliated with the site. simulates a ‘live’ spelling competition and tests young learners on grade appropriate spelling words in a fun, challenging atmosphere.

This site is an excellent educational destination and one that children love as they compete against other spellers from around the world to see who ranks the highest per grade level.

Today, children want to be on-line and BigIQBee satisfies this need with an educational premise and an engaging format.


October 29, 2008 -- From Daniel, a reader, from USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Kid-safe site for Halloween designed for children, adults & teachers. Parents looking for a last minute costume idea or recipe will find this site very helpful. There’s nothing to frighten children but it still maintains a Halloween theme that kids from 1 to 100 will enjoy.

Jimi Rock

October 28, 2008 -- From Sean, a parent, from NY, who is affiliated with the site.

Jimi Rock’s Undersea Adventure, the “Edutainment” site where your child will be introduced to the natural wonders that lie beneath the beautiful oceans of the world.
Visit far off locations in a virtual world that will bring your child the experience as if they
were actually there!! Learn Fun Facts about fish and other sea animals in Jimi’s Sea School.
Create art. Play games. Earn points to decorate your own underwater world. Take fun interactive
quizzes. Communicate safely with children from around the globe. Under the Sea Adventures……..
Education, Exploration, Philanthropy and Fun!!

Brain Candy

October 27, 2008 -- From Beth, a reader, from Missouri, who is affiliated with the site.

Brain Candy is dedicated to the pursuit of interesting, fun, and curiously awesome knowledge. From accidental discoveries to brain teasers to answers to some of life’s most interesting questions, Brain Candy is a fun source of interesting info.

Kids Club Zilla

October 25, 2008 -- From Quinn, age 9, from Florida, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Online Kids Club for saving the animals and the planet

How To Tie Dye with Made By Hippies

October 21, 2008 -- From Erik&Amanda, readers from Portland, Oregon, who are affiliated with the site.

Lots of tie-dye and how-to tie dye sites out there are WAY too complicated. shows you the real, easy, hippie way to make beautiful tie dyes that work every time. This is exactly how we make our professional tie dyes to sell and we’re sharing it with all of you. There’s no complicated chemicals, no complicated washout, just plain and easy tie dye. Try it yourself today!


October 19, 2008 -- From Jason, a reader, from USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Yesterday is a Beatles fan site that features song lyrics, photographs, discussion forums, newsgroups and more.