Reader Reviews

August 2011

Daily Writing Prompt

August 2, 2011 -- Submitted by Keenan Hart, a teacher from Cedar City, UT, who is affiliated with the site.

The Daily Writing Prompt provides consistent and meaningful “time on task”. Authors of all ages respond easily to our delightful menu of topics. Carefully crafted prompts appeal to a wide range of age, interests, and ability levels. Once young authors have something meaningful to write about, they welcome the opportunity to share their work with others. An invitation to “publish” creates confidence among students and a desire to produce good work.

Comic Math

August 2, 2011 -- Submitted by Adam Levin, a reader from Philadelphia, PA, who is affiliated with the site.

Comic Math is an upcoming webcomic about aliens, being a high school student and preparing for the SAT. Students will learn math while forgetting they are studying because of the compelling story. Right now the webcomic is still in development but you can follow its development on the production blog and see the story get created!