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Logan’s Animal Information for Kids – Biomes

November 28, 2006 -- From Logan, age 11, from New York, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Logan’s Animal Information for Kids is a site created by an 11-year old, and it has many facts about animals and many interactive activities. Some topics that the website covers include biomes, animal adaptations, animal “odd couples”, pets, and jellyfish. Some of the interactive features include word searches, a crossword puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle, and many more fun things.

Vernal Pool Technologies, LLC

August 11, 2006 -- From Nathan Botwinik, a reader, from Santa Rosa, Califorina, who is affiliated with the site.

wetland and vernal pool with endangered species preservation and banking.

National Geographic Habitats

May 5, 2006 -- From Maxine Broderick, a reader from New York, who is affiliated with the site

National Geographic has just kicked off its Habitat Hero campaign, aimed at inspiring kids to preserve habitats that are at risk of becoming extinct. Even the littlest heroes can plant butterfly gardens and weed out invasive plants to help create new habitats in their own backyards and schoolyards.