Inside a Chocolate Factory

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How to make Chocolate the Old fashioned way

April 30, 2010 -- From Jeff, a reader, from Hong Kong, who is not affiliated with the site.

A great video on Youtube, showing how chocolate is made the old fashioned way. It is narrated and explained by a primary school student.

The Speaking is quite fast but a great video nonetheless.

All Chocolate Tempering

July 15, 2009 -- From Alexander, a parent, from Orlando Florida, who is not affiliated with the site.

Make your own chocolate candy.

Virtual Chocolate

August 15, 1999 -- From a reader from Eugene, Oregon who is affiliated with the site

Send chocolate to your friends electronically! Virtual postcards, wallpaper and more nearly make you want to eat the monitor, it all looks so good. You get to pick from over 100 pictures of chocolate — some are really close up!