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Seymour Simon

December 6, 2010 -- From Liz, a reader, from New York, NY, who is affiliated with the site.

Award winning science writer Seymour Simon has relaunched his popular website with a new, more streamlined look, sophisticated yet kid friendly navigation, and an enviable amount of content that his readers have come to trust from the man whom the New York Times dubbed the Dean of the Childrens Science Book field.

Whether a student, parent or educator is looking to learn, explore or better understand the natural sciences, space, animals, or the human body, Seymour Simon serves up exciting scientific findings, in depth coverage of current science related topics in the news, free, downloadable Teacher Guides and Project Ideas, world class photography, as well as online quizzes, jokes and games to keep children engaged and entertained. The site is free and noncommercial, designed as a safe site for children under age thirteen, following Childrens Online Privacy and Protection Act of 1998 guidelines.

Starry Critters

March 22, 2010 -- From John, a parent, from Golden, Colorado, who is affiliated with the site.

This site combines incredible imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope and other great observatories with the imagination of children. Explore and share the patterns you see in the nebula, galaxies and star clusters.

The main focus of the site are the images of space. We believe the explanations are best suited for parents, educators and upper grade students. Parents may find it helpful to view the site with their children and explore the universe together using the explanatory text as a guide. Background text is provided to let you know the real story behind the image. Links, very useful for parents and teachers, include definitions and will take you to other sites for even more detail.