How to Tie-Dye

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How To Tie Dye with Made By Hippies

October 21, 2008 -- From Erik&Amanda, readers from Portland, Oregon, who are affiliated with the site.

Lots of tie-dye and how-to tie dye sites out there are WAY too complicated. shows you the real, easy, hippie way to make beautiful tie dyes that work every time. This is exactly how we make our professional tie dyes to sell and we’re sharing it with all of you. There’s no complicated chemicals, no complicated washout, just plain and easy tie dye. Try it yourself today!

How To Tie Dye Dot Net

October 9, 2008 -- From Erik, a reader, from Portland, Oregon, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

How To Tie Dye Dot Net provides free tie dye instructions.