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Black Inventor Online Museum

March 30, 2010 -- From Mark, a reader, from Washington, DC, who is affiliated with the site.


As we approach Black History Month I was wondering if you would consider adding a link to the Black Inventor Online Museum ( The site profiles more than 60 Black inventors and their contributions to society over the last 300 years.

Thank you,

Mark A. Long

The Black Inventor Online Museum provides a look at the great and often unrecognized leaders in the field of invention and innovation. For more than 300 years, black inventors have served as pioneers in the field of science and have made enormous impacts on society. As African Americans sought freedom and equality, many among them, scientists, educators and even slaves, developed the tools and processes that helped to shape the modern agricultural, industrial and technological landscape. While some are famous, many remain unknown, but their contributions have assured that their stories are not only about black history, but about world history.

Tasteful Inventions

July 29, 2009 -- From Louise, a reader, from Long Island, New York, who is affiliated with the site.

Who invented Twinkies? When did the first McDonald’s open? When was George Mortimer Pullman, inventor of the Pullman sleeping car, born? These and so many more food and eating inventions are explored at Tasteful Inventions. Sit back and enjoy! (site will be updated the first week of Inventors’ Month in August)

Tasteful Inventions

November 17, 2008 -- From Louise, a reader, from Pennsylvania, who is affiliated with the site.

On the Tasteful Inventions blog, I attempt to explore food inventions, some times, rather obscure as they may be. For instance, this month I posted about the invention of condensed soup.

Famous Black Inventors

June 24, 2008 -- From Brian, a reader, from Pittsburgh, PA, who is affiliated with the site.

This site celebrates the rich legacy of African-American inventors, with biographies and images provided for each entry. Many of these black innovators did not receive the recognition enjoyed by their white counterparts. Famous Black Inventors is an ideal site for students and teachers to learn about inventions by people of color in the United States.

Famous Inventors

May 15, 2006 -- From Aaron, a reader, from Spokane Valley, Wa., who is affiliated with the site.

This is an array of short biographies of famous inventors and their inventions.

Inventors Museum

May 5, 2006 -- From Scott Mills, a teacher from San Francisco, CA who is affiliated with the site

The history of everything from the invention of bullet-proof vests to frisbees can be found on the site. This is one of the most interesting sites on the Web for kids.

National Inventors Hall of Fame

July 31, 2000 -- From Dave, a reader from Akron, Ohio who is affiliated with the site

National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio is more than a hall of fame for the world’s most important inventors. The Hall of Fame also operates a great summer camp program for kids called Camp Invention. This camp presently operates in over 30 States and 360 school districts. The camp is for students in grades 2 through 6 and offers a variety of fun and educational activities that bring out the creative and inventive juices in everybody. Check the National Inventors Hall of Fame site for Camp Invention, and other programs.