Shidonni – virtual pets your draw

May 3, 2009 -- From Guy, a reader from Israel, who is affiliated with the site.

Shidonni is a web based virtual world for young children (5 to 12) , based on the simple joy of drawing characters and animals, but with a 21st century twist. After creating their drawings, children play with them as they magically ‘come alive’ in a wonderful animated world. It’s like crossing “Windows Paint” with a virtual pets game . From an educational perspective, Shidonni promotes kids’ 21st century computer literacy skills and supports early childhood creative development by focusing on creativity and imagination.

MyUville, a fun safe place for kids

March 3, 2009 -- From Larry, a reader, from Nashville, TN, who is affiliated with the site.

MyUville, a brand new website for kids 5 to 12, has loads of fun things to do, including free games, educational games, virtual world and much more. Includes safe chat, room building and lots of fun places to explore in a cool virtual world. Don’t forget to meet the Ucrew, a group of fun animated animals full of fun and silliness. “The Ultimate Online Party!”

December 11, 2008 -- From Kim, a reader, from South Florida, who is affiliated with the site. was created to provide lots of fun content for kids, like games and videos and a safe place to learn social networking skills. Think of it as the portal for your kids internet experience, created by a fellow mom.

Kid’s Space International

September 17, 2008 -- From Rhio, a reader, from Washington State, who is affiliated with the site.

Children under 13 years of age can join Kids’ Space for free and share their work with the world. Teachers are also welcome to join for classroom projects. This is a rare site with a wide-range of international readers and fun learning activities without advertisements.

Indoor activities for kids

August 1, 2008 -- From Albertson David, from Delhi India, who is affiliated with the site.

Looking for ideas for gifts and entertainment for your grandchildren? Granny Look is packed full of information regarding toys, gifts and day out activities.


May 13, 2008 -- From Leah, a reader, from Florida, United States, who is affiliated with the site.

Tootsville is an interactive virtual community for kids! With the ability to chat, play games and explore,this is a place of pure imagination. Tootsville provides a fun and highly unique environment where kids can be kids.

Captain Bootsie’s Magic Time Portal

May 2, 2008 -- From Lady J, a reader, from Menaggio, Italy, who is affiliated with the site.

Captain Bootsie Bear and His Fearless Crew are time travellers from another galaxy. Their mission on planet Earth is to explore adventures past, present and future and have a jolly good time. An educational adventure for all the family.