November 21, 2000 -- From Alexis P., a parent from Vienna, Virginia who is affiliated with the site is a fun place for kids to get online homework help. Visitors are directed to kid-friendly and safe URLs that provide answers to FAQs for popular topics in entertainment, science, our universe, history, and famous people. The site is visually appealing and easy to navigate–a great homework helper resource on the Web.

How Stuff Works

November 12, 1999 -- From Murray Howard, a parent from Ontario Canada who is not affiliated with the site

Great site for Teachers, Parents and students.

Study Web

October 27, 1999 -- From Janice Weaver, a reader from USA who is not affiliated with the site

This site is good for students, teachers and parents. It provides information and links on MANY different subjects. In addition, it also has projects, usable in the classroom, on many subjects. Great for research projects.

B.J. Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper

June 15, 1999 -- From Sherri Mitchell, a parent from Naperville, Illinois (West of Chicago) who is not affiliated with the site

From helping with homework (foreign language, history, etc.) — as the site is titled, to games, research and education, great links, current affairs, it has it all. This site was developed by a 12 yr. old boy and his father; it won over 100 website awards!

Ask Jeeves

June 13, 1999 -- From a reader from San Diego, CA who is not affiliated with the site

Don’t know how to phrase a question correctly with commas or quotes? You don’t need to know how with this site, just ask in plain English and it will lead you to many, many sites to find your information. We go here often which we need to complete a homework assignment.