The Great Fomblor

August 23, 2007 -- From Steve, a reader, from Sydney, Australia, who is affiliated with the site.

A site for children aged from 3-7 containing the free Ebook entitled “The Great Fomblor”, released by author and illustrator Steve Davis.

Short Stories Help Children

May 27, 2007 -- From Phil G, a reader, from Toronto, Canada, who is affiliated with the site.

This new seat-of-the-pants site uses short story writing as a means of showing parents how to guide their children and improve upon literacy, behavior and social skills. It contains common sense tips on motivation, child development, discipline and more. Our overly complex world often has to be boiled down to some simple truths, and young parents need the most help.

Critical Literacy in Practice

October 22, 2006 -- From Vivian, a teacher, from Maryland, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Critical Literacy in Practice, CLIP Podcast is an on demand internet broadcast on critical literacy as it is practiced and talked about in schools and communities around the globe.

Wot, Nott, kakuri and the HU BA HOU

August 23, 2006 -- From Gerry, a reader, from Ireland, who is affiliated with the site.

If you liked Harry Potter you will LOVE this story… A magical mystery adventure for young and old. It’s like a cross between Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings. The first three chapters are free to download and enjoy…

Inkless Tales

June 17, 2006 -- From Elizabeth , a reader, from New York State, who is affiliated with the site.

Recommended by the American Library Association, which calls Inkless Tales entertaining, educational and easy to navigate, and by the Internet Public Library, which lists it as an “amazing site,” Inkless Tales offers stories, poems, games and projects for four through eight year olds to learn and play in reading and math. New to the site: Inkless Tunes, music for kids, with free downloads.

Jungle Schoolhouse

May 29, 2006 -- From Denis, from Venice, CA, who is affiliated with the site.

Educational cartoons and print outs featuring the jungle characters
of It includes ‘Rhyme Time,’ an interactive storybook
to help kids learn to read, social skill cartoons, and coloring pages.

Whootie Owl

May 5, 2006 -- From Kandi Permann, a reader from Calgary, Canada

Whootie Owl has a wonderful collection of stories that teach values. The creator, Elaine Lindy, has compiled hundreds of kid-illustrated folk tales from more than sixty countries, and each illustrates a positive value such as patience or self-reliance.