July 30, 2000 -- From J R Cousins, a reader from Ohio, USA who is affiliated with the site

It’s just charming.

John and El’s Bear Time

May 9, 2000 -- From Natalie, a teacher from Cincinnati OH who is affiliated with the site

Follow the adventures of two traveling teddy bears, John and El! The site features illustrated stories and songs, as well as coloring pages to print out, picture book reviews, and a section where kids can share their own stories and artwork. The text is big and easy to read, the pictures are bold and bright, and the bears are just adorable!

Magic Shadow Shapes

February 10, 2000 -- From firefly, a reader from Canada who is affiliated with the site

The firefly has been told that this is one of the best sites for Grade 1 children who are learning to read. The music is an added bonus and parents enjoy the journey through the woodland as much as the kids do.

Bed Time.Com

February 1, 2000 -- From Shelly Morris, a reader from Chicago, IL who is affiliated with the site contains children;s stories of all kinds. Some are written by children but most are by adults. You have to check it out!


January 4, 2000 -- From Torrie, a parent from Boston, MA who is not affiliated with the site

Animated, musical stories about Lizzy, who lives with her quirky family in New York. Sort of a cross between Madeline and Eloise!


October 22, 1999 -- From Randy Cassingham, a reader from Boulder, Colorado, USA who is affiliated with the site

You always hear about the people who do wrong, hurt others, take advantage, rob and steal. But they are the minority. HeroicStories are about everyday real people who step up to the challenge and help others when they’re needed. It’s not just the people who save lives or stop a crime, but the stories are true, they’re from all over the world and, most of all, they’re interesting — not sappy, syrupy-sweet (or religious) tales you roll your eyes over when your grandmother tells them. (They’re also short! No story is over 500 words.) You can sign up and get the stories sent free by e-mail.

Lil’ Fingers Storybooks

September 6, 1999 -- From a reader from New York, USA who is affiliated with the site

Lil’ Fingers Storybooks is a reading site for toddlers to read with their parents. Animated stories contain colorful pictures and big buttons for little fingers.