For Girls Only!

“For Girls Only!” read the sign on my daughter’s door. Too young to write it herself, she instructed me to create it for her. The sign included a list of girlfriends who were allowed to enter, and a listing of boys (including her brother) that were not allowed in. Her dad was given special dispensation — he was welcome anytime. For your girls and their girlfriends, here are a list of special sites for them alone.

A Girl's World5 stars

Enter the clubhouse to meet Amy, Rachel, Geri and Tessa, then follow them in to learn more about their interests. Tessa likes trailblazers and technology (meet science fiction author Lois McMaster Bujold on her page). Amy likes sports and animals (meet Junior Rodeo Queen Morgan Hawkins on her page). Each girl will lead you into her own world with crafts, stories, pen pals, diaries and interviews . Girl's World is a terrific magazine for teens, with lots to explore.

New Moon Magazine5 stars

New Moon is a thoughtful advertising-free e-zine for girls and their dreams. Check out the editorial schedule (follow the link to Upcoming Themes) for subjects that you can write about. New Moon has a pleasing new layout and the reader-contributed content is worth reading.

Troom for Girls5 stars

Troom is Tina's room, brought to you by Tampax. You can get to know Tina (age fourteen) by reading (or listening to) her diary. In addition to fun stuff like music reviews and jokes, you can read serious articles about growing up in Reflections (How to Beat those New School Blues) and important information about menstruation and your changing body in Top Drawer. There is even a great page for boys that addresses all the changes that come with puberty (enter Time for Answers from Top Drawer, and then click on the hyperlink "boys") .

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

Girl Tech

Girl Zone

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