Internet Glossaries

Internet Glossaries

No matter your age or your level of expertise, technology changes so fast, we all need somewhere to lookup technical jargon and obscure acronyms. Today’s picks are online dictionaries specializing in Internet and computer terms, and although they are not specifically written for kids, they most surely will come in handy one day.

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Google Define5 stars

Google supplies definitions through its search function. For example, to lookup the definition of "avatar", simply search for "define avatar" and you will see a Web definition at the top of the search results. What's interesting about the define results is that they do not come from a single glossary, but rather are culled from a large variety of sources. For more Google search tips, check out their Search Features page.

Learn the Net: Interactive Glossary5 stars

From "Access Provider" to "Zombie", Learn the Net provides a glossary and a quiz to test your Internet vocabulary. For more quizzes, look for the "Test Yourself" link on the left-hand menu. There you'll find a Netiquette Quiz, Email Quiz, Security Smarts Quiz, and Internet Trivia. "Who sent the world's first email message? Bill Gates, Phio Farnsworth, Paul Allen or RayTomlinson?"

Netlingo5 stars

When I visited Netlingo, the Internet Word of the Day was: "serendipity search: An Internet search that uncovers interesting and valuable information that was not intended in the original search." In addition to the Word of the Day, and Acronym of the Day, NetLingo serves up New & Updated Terms and an A to Z glossary. It's my pick of the week because of the breadth of helpful tidbits it provides. The PC Glossary5 stars

This glossary is quite extensive, and in addition to the main glossary, also has sections on Emoticons, Chat Slang and File Extensions. Have you wondered exactly what an "illegal operation" is? "When a program on your computer has an error, you may see a message pop up on the screen saying, ‘Illegal Operation.' This is a rather tactless way of saying something went wrong with the program that was running." ^_^

Webopedia5 stars

Designed for professionals who need to keep up with technology, Webopedia has a number of features you won't find in the other glossaries. Visit their home page to learn what's hot ("Top Terms"), what's new ("Recent Terms") and to sign up for the Term of the Day newsletter. Once you've arrived at a definition page, you'll see links to related categories and terms, and the ability to email a definition to a friend. The site is maintained by professional editors who verify their work against multiple sources, so if technology is your game, Webopedia deserves a spot in your favorites list.

Internet Glossaries Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

CNET: Glossary

Glossary of Internet & Web Jargon

Glossary of Internet Terms

Internet Acronyms and Lingo

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