Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney was born in Chicago on December 5, 1901. Mickey Mouse made his screen debut on November 18, 1928 in Steamboat Willie , a short black-and-white animated musical. So began a partnership that charmed generations.

Hidden Mickeys of Disney5 stars

A Hidden Mickey is a Mickey Mouse image concealed in the design of a Disney attraction. Started as an inside joke among Walt Disney Imagineers, the Mickey silhouette (circular head with two circular ears) was "hidden" in plain sight. Soon, word spread and fans everywhere were searching for Hidden Mickeys in Disney movies and theme parks. Today the definition of a Hidden Mickey has been expanded to include any Mickey Mouse image, be it a silhouette or a full-featured Mickey. This site catalogues hundreds of Hidden Mickeys, and they welcome your new sightings or your confirmation of existing entries.

Just Disney5 stars

This professional looking fan site is brimming with wonderful Disney stuff. I loved the Sounds from Disney collection: "Hello Folks, Welcome aboard the Disneyland Railroad." They also have two great Disney biographies (one long, one short) , an extensive filmography, and a fantastic Disneyland photo gallery (including aerial photos and 360 degree panoramas.) While you are visiting, be sure to sign Disney's digital 100th birthday card.

TIME 100: Builders & Titans: Disney4 stars

"He created Mickey Mouse and produced the first full-length animated movie. He invented the theme park and originated the modern multimedia corporation. For better or worse, his innovations have shaped our world and the way we experience it. But the most significant thing Walt Disney made was a good name for himself." Naming Disney as one of the most important people of the twentieth century, TIME gives us an insightful look at all of Disney's achievements.

Walt Disney Family Museum5 stars

The Walt Disney Family Museum tells the story of Disney's life from childhood to adulthood with pictures, audio, and video, and is my pick of the day. Best clicks are found in the Main Collection: Walt's Story, Family Album, Private Walt and The Masterworks. On most pages, you'll find two accompanying audio tracks: youngsters can click on Mickey's Audio for Kids, adults can listen to the track called Episode Audio. In Education, teachers will find classroom activities and an interactive quiz.

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!


History of the Disney Studio

Mickey Mouse Welcome

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