St. Patrick's Day Fun

Simple crafts for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Streamer

For a cute streamer to use during parades or while dancing an Irish jig you can make a simple rainbow streamer. To make this cute little craft all you need is rainbow colored crepe paper streamers, paper plates, scissors and glue or a stapler. Cut out the middle of your paper plate so that you […]

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Hanging Shamrocks

A simple St. Patrick’s Day craft would be to make shamrocks to hang around your house, office, classroom, or business. The only things you will need for this is a shamrock template if you don’t think you can draw one and some green construction paper. An easy way to make shamrocks is to use hearts […]

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Irish Blarney Stone

One of the more simple crafts you can make for St. Patrick’s Day would be a blarney stone. The blarney stone is part of St. Patrick’s Day because in the southwestern part of Ireland is a Blarney Castle in the highest part of this castle is a stone called the blarney stone. It is said […]

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