The Importance of House Rules and Internet Use

You may be asked by your children why it is so important to have house rules for Internet usage. There are many reasons to have rules for using the Internet. Having rules creates less of a chance for fighting among all people in the house. It will create more organization for you and make it easier to monitor your kids while they are on the Internet. Rules will keep the family safe from harm.

Having rules for Internet usage will greatly decrease the risk of fighting among your Internet users. If you set rules for family members on time limits for the use of Internet then you have helped avoid a conflict. Kids will fight if they feel that they are not getting as much time as a sibling. This is the same for giving everyone a time of day that they can use the Internet. If a child or adult knows when their time is then they are less likely to start a fight with someone already using it. This will help cut down on the nagging that kids will do for their turns. It is important to have house rules for Internet usage because it will help keep family harmony.

Organization for you and the rest of the family is also a reason why it is good to have house rules. When everyone has their own time limit or part of day they can use the Internet then life seems to flow better. When you organize and create lists of approved websites, your kids can’t tell you they didn’t know, and they also will not be tattling on each other. They can look up the websites themselves if they are unsure. This will help you in heading off fights. House rules can be important because they help organize family life.

When you make the times and the websites lists, it becomes easier for you to monitor your children when they are on the Internet. It also becomes easier to answer questions because you know who is on the Internet. Some of your kids will need more monitoring then others. If you know at which part of the day they are allowed on then you can more easily work around that time frame. When there is a pre-approved list of websites you won’t always have to worry about what your children may run into. House rules are important because they allow for both you and your children to have more freedom, even with the rules.

The most important reason to have house rules for Internet safety is because it will keep everyone in the family safe. When everyone knows the rules, there is little room for movement. Kids will tell on each other, especially if the other one is not following the rules. The rules you made for not giving out personal information on the Internet is one rule that should never be broken. Keeping your personal information off the Internet will decrease your chances of someone stalking your children. Creating rules for Internet use will keep your family together and safe.

If you have also created a list of approved websites then you will also be keeping your family safe. When you have a pre-approved list of sites that are safe to navigate then you have a fairly good idea of what is on those sites. The more you know of where your children are surfing, the better the chance of them not getting into trouble. You will also be able to monitor more easily and talk about problems that may arise. This rule for Internet usage will keep your family safe and allow for more communication.

House rules for Internet usage are important because there are rules everywhere in life. You can teach your children that rules are good and can actually benefit them if followed properly.

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