Your Safety When Using Online Social Networking

There are a number of different ways that you can protect your safety when you are using online social networking sites. You can unplug your computer, you can make up fake names, you can refuse to give out your hometown or any other information that can make it able for people to track you down. Disposable email addresses are also a good way to protect your safety when you are using online social networking. What is a disposable email address? Here’s some information about this little-used tool that can be vital to protecting yourself when you are online.

There’s a big chance that you haven’t heard about disposable email addresses, or if you have heard about disposable email addresses, then you might not know exactly what disposable email addresses are and how they can help you protect your privacy when you are online. But disposable email addressing is a fantastic way to protect your privacy.

What is disposable email addressing?

So, what exactly is disposable email addressing, and what can disposable email addresses do for you? The way that disposable email addresses work is that a new email address is set up for every email contact that you have. So then if anybody ever compromises your email address by selling it to a spamming list or selling your email address to anybody else, then you can just get rid of the compromised email address and you only have to send a new email address to one contact, if you decide that you want to maintain any sort of professional or business relationship with the company that compromised your email address.

The best situations in which you should set up a disposable email address is if you are participating in something online that could potentially compromise your security, such as a chat room, online shopping, a discussion group, a file hosting service, or a bulletin board, or even contributing to a wiki. If you sign up for each one using a disposable email address, then no one will be able to track your identity though your email address, and your privacy remains secure and unthreatened. If a web site starts to use your email address in a way that you don’t like, such as sending you unsolicited emails, or selling your email address to other companies so that they can send you unsolicited emails, then you can simply delete your disposable email address that is associated with that website, and you don’t have to worry about people sending you spam, phishing you, or trying to get a hold of your identity.

So that you don’t have to waste time checking every single disposable email address account, most disposable email addresses can be set up so that they will forward directly to your real email address. Then you can decide which emails to read and which ones not to read, and nobody will ever get a hold of your real email address, thus protecting your identity. Also, you can choose which disposable email addresses you want to forward directly to your email account, and you can also decide which ones you want to forward directly to the trash. You can use your disposable email address to identify people and companies who are abusing your email address, and if you are worried about anyone trying to invade your privacy, you can simply delete that particular disposable email address. Online security threats have become such a big problem in the last couple years that a disposable email address is a great way to place a barrier between yourself and any possible identity thieves who are lurking online, just waiting to invade your privacy and steal your information.

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