Online Safety Concerns with Social Networking

When you sign up for social networking sites, you are putting your privacy on the line. You need to be aware of the fact that you are facing some serious online privacy concerns when you sign up for social networking sites. You don’t need to shut yourself up in a box, but there are some online safety concerns that you need to be aware of so that you can take the proper steps to protect yourself.

One of the absolute best ways to increase your online safety is by using disposable email addresses. Disposable email addresses create a different type of identity for you by creating an anonymous contact for you to use when you are doing business with an online company or you are joining some sort of online group. Because you are using a disposable email address that is in no way connected to your actual identity in real life, then you can increase your online safety because nobody will be able to trace the disposable email address back to you, your address, your phone number, your social security number, and so on and so forth, thus compromising your online privacy and stealing your identity for malicious reasons and unlawful purposes.

What are the dangers of being on the Internet?

Think that you are completely anonymous when you are online? Well, think again. Think that your email address is in no way connected to your life off line? Well, think again. Think that because you are using a secure Internet connection, your personal information is protected? Think again. Online crooks and thieves have better ways to get your personal information than security companies have ways to protect your personal information; your online safety is never completely safe.

Online identity thieves can compromise your online safety by using your email address. Lots of different websites will sell your email address to spammers and phishers, who will then hassle you with spam emails and will also try to break into your accounts and get your personal information, which they then use to steal your identity and suck you dry.

How can a disposable email address protect your online safety?

Disposable email addresses work by setting up a different email address for each contact that you have. Then these email addresses, which are no way connected to your actual identity will send the message to your real email address, so that you can screen the email addresses and you can know if an online site sells your email address to spammers or phishers. Then, if your disposable email account is in any way compromised, you can simply delete that particular email account, and it will only affect one contact.

Disposable email addresses are a great thing to use when it comes to signing up in chat rooms, bulletin boards, online forums, wiki sites, and more. You can protect your identity by using these email addresses that are in no way connected to you, because it is impossible to trace the email address back to you and your personal information.

You can also filter your emails and set up particular email settings so that some disposable email addresses send straight to your real email account, and some just go straight to the trash. Disposable email addresses are a fantastic way to find out which online sites are trustworthy, and which ones will sell your information to shady companies and organizations. You can get rid of any contacts who are attempting to compromise your online safety, and nobody will ever be able to trace your email address back to your name, your address, your bank account number, and so on and so forth. Of course, you will need to be aware that some online sites will not accept disposable email addresses, because they hide identities and trolls and other malicious users will sign up on these sites and nobody can figure out who they are, which is particularly an issue where crime is involved or harassment.

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