What is Club Penguin?

The social networking boom has taken parents, tweens, and teens by storm. Online gaming is another booming industry for teens and tweens, which is where Club Penguin enters. Club Penguin is an entertaining social networking platform that combines with a number of virtual worlds and games. Kids can use the avatar penguin and personalize it to their own profile. Then you can design your own furniture and electronics to create your own virtual world. In order to create an igloo and decorate it with many things, you need to earn coins. Outside of your igloo, you can dip into the social networking world where tweens and teens can interact with others.

While you start out with Club Penguin, your initial membership is free. However after you start to spend more time on the site, you can only add so much to your igloo and you can only access a limited number of games. To upgrade your membership and make your igloo stand out from your friends, you will need to pay a monthly membership fee of $6. To add furniture to your igloo and clothing to your puffle, you need to pay the monthly membership fee.

Many tweens and teens are finding other sites that offer cheat codes to Club Penguin. These cheat codes allow them to pass levels on games and to advance their gaming rankings. Secrets are also increasing so more people can pass levels and advance their penguin.

Club Penguin is a safe social networking site where tweens, teens, and parents can interact. It is a clean web site where inappropriate language and other content is not allowed. If you are looking for a simple introduction to the world of avatars, Club Penguin is one of the best web sites to learn from. The downside to Club Penguin is that many tweens and teens can quickly become addicted to it and they have the desire to make their igloo better than everyone else’s on the site. Parents can help control the amount of time their children spend on the site by setting a screen-time limit. To help parents, Club Penguin has set time limits on how long a user is allowed to stay on the site. This is to protect the user from becoming addicted to the web site.

When you create your account on Club Penguin, you will need to read through the membership agreement, provide valid contact information, and then you can start interacting with other users. Your avatar will be a cartoon penguin and you basically waddle the penguin around from chat rooms, minigames, and several other gaming rooms in a simulated snow-covered land.

Many parents trust the web site because it is owned by the Walt Disney Corporation. The Walt Disney Corporation has taken many measures to insure the online safety of their users. One of the most attractive features for parents that are worried is the ‘Ultimate Safe Chat’ mode. When you set your preferences to safe chat, you can select your comments from a menu, this prevents any personal information from being transmitted and foul or inappropriate language will also be filtered out. The social networking site has several moderators that will suspend or delete an account if a person is found in violation of the web site rules.

Club Penguin is designed to accommodate anyone, but the main target audience is from six to fourteen years old. Parental permission is required for upgraded accounts since a valid credit card must be input to pay the monthly fee. It’s a great site for young children to interact with their friends without the worry of online predators. Parents can feel safe that their children are only interacting and gaming with their friends that they already know due to the safe chat features of Club Penguin.

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