Is the Talking Angela App Safe?

Despite recent chain letters to the contrary,  the iOS Talking Angela app is innocuous.
Despite recent Facebook chain letters to the contrary, the iOS Talking Angela app is innocuous.

There’s been a hoax making its way around Facebook for the second time, claiming that the iOS app Talking Angela is asking your child personal information about their location, and school, and then taking pictures of your child for nefarious purposes.

However, none of this is true. According to both Sophos Security and Snopes, the fancy feline with the French accent is innocuous.

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  • hdvkdvjfcngdn

    I don’t believe this page is a true story. Bcs angela’s makers might have paid google for this fake info nothing on earth is safe animore, plus google and any other internet related things are dirty and not trust worthy at all.thats why you should always lie about personal information.

  • AlwaysTruelol

    How does he or she watch every one???and why won’t the man move?? Its a made up rumor made to make it popular its safe my bff has talking tom,Angela and ginger. Safe that is what she is

  • DoubleDekkerWolf

    Pfft, you people are such morons. I downloaded the app myself, and looked into Angie’s eyes. All there was: a slight reflection of my ceiling. If you keep seeing a damn person, look at yourself in a mirror. If you see a man and not yourself, you win. But that’s not gonna happen anytime soon. She never asked me any sexual/personal questions, and as I said ‘I gotta go’, she asked me to stay a bit longer. You may find that as proof, I find it as an app with a voice. The lesson here: Don’t fucking believe everything you see. ~ DDW

  • Is it real ??


  • Layla

    Is it a creepy man

  • Natalija

    I am only eight and I got so freaked out because I didn’t know what to do because I just found

  • Natalija

    I am totally freaked out because I am only 8! And I have already given out my personal information because I just found out because I haven’t been poking around the internet.

  • person

    My cousin has talking Angela he got it so we could see if everything was true there as : no inappropriate questions or personal questions however I covered camera and looked into the eyes and I did see a room but no cameras or man

  • Anonymous

    It actually did tell the truth i got hacked and robbed just about a year ago… :(

  • Rachel Erika

    just please help me

  • Rachel Erika

    well I am nervous if I want to download that app gain in reading all those that say talking angela i scary or creepy and some of you said She is not a stalker , a rapists or a killer i am not sosure if i am gonna download that app or not and an old man is watching you like some pictures in google : Someone:Do you rape a girl or a boy. Angela: I rape girls and in some pictures I rape boys weird
    Anyone Help Me?

  • Llhs

    There is no kidnapper everything is faked

  • Illegal helpers

    Ok guys talking Angela is a illegal app I was playing and she said what ur name so I said mrlol as a lie then said were do u live I was like Newport as a lie then it said what road i almost shat myself I got scared so I was thinking deleting it but it won’t be I try again it worked but guess what happen my webcam was on I got scared I broke ipad

  • josie

    Its uust really creepy that all people do is worry about that while im peeing in my pance right now!!!!!!!

  • kara

    i personally don’t belive this, but it is fun to belive.

  • Star strike

    It is creepy it ask me where I live and it ask me what is my school called!

  • Ros123856

    i think it is safe as long as people don’t cuse and if you’re scared of cats then don’t play talking tom,angela,or ginger. And if you’re scared of cats it’s ok to be afriad nobody will make fun of you.

  • Kaitlyn

    Take a screen shot then zoom into her eyes then a week later do the exact same thing if there different DELETE IT if it’s the same it’s just the reflection of the street across from Angela in the game ( it’s called detail )

  • anonymous

    What is wrong with people! Didn’t your mom teach You wrong from right!! You guys don’t believe the content up here!! I was watching the eyes and saw someone moving!!! Hey Sicko if your reading this GOD has a bone to pick with You! Your in troooooouble!!!!! Are You even thinking!!!! Do You think You can just hack Angela and get away with it!!!! Your the reason why I don’t want to live in this sick twisted world!!! Repent and stop or continue and burn in he’ll!! Forever!!!!!! You sick twisted man!! Don’t You have a life and better things to do!! What’s wrong with You!!! Get a life!!!

  • Jessalyn

    Guys, let’s face it. WHY would the creaters of Talking Angela pay so specific attention as to add in a reflection in her eye? And the reflection is obviously of a room, so it can’t be buildings or houses or whatever. Think about it.

  • kkjj


  • kkjj

    that dude killed my best friend

  • ZxDrag0nXzzzz

    o and play it to find out if your brave surfnet

  • ZxDrag0nXzzzz

    Its not innocent its a hacker look in the pic closely youl see a living room in both eyes ok surfnet

  • ZxDrag0nXzzzz


  • awesomegirl

    guys… Look i agree that she asks some pretty perverted questions, and yes she might be recording you, the only thing i DO NOT get is WHY would you put a pic of yourself in her eyes?? There are ways of recording people without ANY clues AT ALL, yes there is a room in her eyes but i think that i might just be a reflection ok? Thats just my opinion…

  • Imelda Lopez

    Yes there is a man behind Talking Angela.He was asking my 19 year old son how come he slept with his dog all the time .Secondly how did he knew my son had a puppy qhen they never talkes about no dog .I was there next to my son qhen that man was asking him all these weird talking he also asked my son if my son liked to play with little kids my son rwplied no and he told my son its so fun stalking little kids and my son got so scares and he uninstalled the app as soon as possible and still people dont beleive this…

  • Madelilne

    My friends and I have to write persuasive essays and pick a topic. We all chose to do this and send a copy to Apple corporations so they can contact the app creator and tell them to take the app down both Apple and Android. Angela has asked all of us the same questions numerously like; Where do you live, How old are you, What school do you go to, What grade are you in this year, What`s your name, Can you ask your friends to go away when you don`t even tell her you have friends over.

  • MarieWhispers

    It is true there is a pedo in her eyes

  • Katy

    Ok, this thing is a rumor but if I asked her if she rape kids she said : Yes,I rape girls. WTF people isn’t that creppy ? And another creepiest thing is that I asked she is she is a girl or a boy and she or he said is a boy.

    • Leah

      Katy stop lying I asked the same question to her but she changed the subject your make over millions of children scared about it.

  • Joey

    It is just in talking Angela it’s on talking ginger!

  • Hi

    There’s a hacker watching you, but I don’t believe the eye thing. That’s not possible. But there’s definitely SOMETHING up with that thing.

    • Hi again

      It asked my four year cousin if she knew what sex was.

    • awesomegirl

      No matter how many people say that the rumour is fake, IT’S NOT. Yesterday I was playing Talking Angela on my friends iPod and as soon as I got on it, it said ‘Excuse me but your not (name if my friend) so move yourself out of the living room (I was in the living room then) and go into the bathroom (where my friend was) so I can see her plait her hair. (She was braiding her hair). I covered the cameras and all Abgela said was in this strange robotic voice, ‘Move your finger little girl, I wanna see your boobies.’ I freaked and told my friend to delete it and reinstall it. So we did and we saw a man starig at us, close to the camera blinking. I have no proof because we were speechless and too scared to go on Talking Angela so get your facts straight people -.-

  • Directionerox

    Im starting to get really scared now because i dont know if its true or not. Different people keep on saying different things so could someone just tell me the truth?!

    • awesomegirl

      No matter how many people say that the rumour is fake, IT’S NOT. Yesterday I was playing Talking Angela on my friends iPod and as soon as I got on it, it said ‘Excuse me but your not (name if my friend) so move yourself out of the living room (I was in the living room then) and go into the bathroom (where my friend was) so I can see her plait her hair. (She was braiding her hair). I covered the cameras and all Abgela said was in this strange robotic voice, ‘Move your finger little girl, I wanna see your boobies.’ I freaked and told my friend to delete it and reinstall it. So we did and we saw a man starig at us, close to the camera blinking. I have no proof because we were speechless and too scared to go on Talking Angela so yeah… I think thats proof enough -.-

  • ALEXA1545523

    Diamondcx your right he needs TO DIE HE IS A STUPID OLD MAN

  • ALEXA1545523


  • ALEXA1545523


  • Algis121

    If you dont hawe front camera ?

  • matty

    how can a man see everyone at once?

  • Jessica

    What hacker is retarded enough to put themselves on the eye? IT IS JUST A REFLECTION! I got the app and it is just a reflection (says a professional animator).

    • awesomegirl

      No matter how many people say that the rumour is fake, IT’S NOT. Yesterday I was playing Talking Angela on my friends iPod and as soon as I got on it, it said ‘Excuse me but your not (name if my friend) so move yourself out of the living room (I was in the living room then) and go into the bathroom (where my friend was) so I can see her plait her hair. (She was braiding her hair). I covered the cameras and all Abgela said was in this strange robotic voice, ‘Move your finger little girl, I wanna see your boobies.’ I freaked and told my friend to delete it and reinstall it. So we did and we saw a man starig at us, close to the camera blinking. I have no proof because we were speechless and too scared to go on Talking Angela so yeah… I think thats proof

  • Nick

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no talking Angela is not safe there is stalkers the guy takes pictures I saw the guy waving at me in the camera I was freaked out and on yahoo the guy said to somone I liked your hair color better before that proves it I got a anonymous email probably from the stalker that said comeback and play me I miss you and there was a picture of talking Angela winking and he said I know you went to Kentucky to see your grandmother last year he knows my birth time so get him away arrest him and whatever else I’m 11 and I’m freaking scared

    • racergirl

      I’m 11 too KILL THAT MAN
      And the app I had the app talking Angela

  • selena gomez

    This game is dangourous that hacker had already killed 7 KIDS if I were that hacker I would never do that thing this game has camaras and dont try covering ur camara it has a JPS and she could still see u later when u chat with her like for a few days the jacker will go in ur photos and save all ur pics after u gave her all ur info so never INSTULL THIS APP IN UR LIFE

  • jason.m

    Dude there’s no house or face or anything like that ive zoomed in on the pic just normal eyes..On second thought ive done it a second time and it sorta roughly looks like a living room…creepy…

  • Wendy

    I just went on “baited” the conversation. The response I got was that “Angela” liked the attention but didn’t appreciate the bad things that we’re said. It was a little creepy.

  • shii’ox

    Omg. That picture above you can see that through her eye there is a picture!

  • Tabbycat

    Yeah noone got kidnapped this is a hoax and don’t believe it these people are sick it’s illegal for cryin out loud how would you like if someone got on your game and asked you your personal info dude your making kids scared out of their mind. You need to stop! My friends went to bed crying last night because they thought they were gonna get kidnapped or killed! You people are sick

  • IJ980

    I think people may be getting a little paranoid over this app. I have had many of my friends saying Angela has been asking them weird questions. For example my friend said “Talking Angela asked me what would you do if Zane Malik (from one direction) got a new tattoo” and my friend freaked out over that by saying “how does Talking Angela know I like One Direction?!
    So people may just be freaking out (a lot) because of the rumors going round and the fact the app has access to your microphone and possibly camera.
    I’m not saying that the rumours aren’t true, but just don’t let younger kids use it in regular mode is my advice.

    • Dya084

      Angela asks everyone (even the ones that don’t like One Direction) what they would do, probably your friend got the “how much do you gossip” question and after that the “what would you do if zayn malik got a new tattoo” question. It asked me this question like 6 times and i was like “I DON’T CARE!!!!!” so it’s all automatic there’s no hacker.

  • XxBlessedxX

    I’m very worried for my friend Mikey he has played the game and was hacked and lost all of his games and music and lost his personal info to the game. I really hope he is safe because the man knows his address name and age but there still is something in the eyes of the cat sometimes its just a room sometimes its 2 kids in the room and sometimes its a man sitting staring at the camera its very bad and inappropriate and 5 children went missing after the app came out. Do not download its not safe.

    • Chelsea

      but why did he tell him that?

      • XxBlessedxX

        He didn’t he hacked my friends tablet and his information was in it.

      • racergirl

        I guess kindle fire HDXs don’t get hacked

      • Chelsea

        oh ok

  • Daniel

    Delete the app now!

  • Daniel

    Does the guy know that he is going to go to jail

  • Shit is this

    Yea I can see the man!!!

  • roxy 654

    there is something maybe a group of people how could they ask persnal info if they were here old people i would kill them

    • Chelsea

      Yeah,only you cant.You’ll go jail.
      P.S.are you the ruxy that sits beside me in class?

  • roxy 654

    do you think this guy is real i also saw something but its not clear

    • Chelsea

      all i can see is a room with lots of pictures.


    i would take my fathers gun and shoot the old man, if he comes



    • Chelsea

      How?How is it not dangrus?Oh wait WHAT’S not dangrus?

    • awesomegirl

      No matter how many people say that the rumour is fake, IT’S NOT. Yesterday I was playing Talking Angela on my friends iPod and as soon as I got on it, it said ‘Excuse me but your not (name of my friend) so move yourself out of the living room (I was in the living room then) I then went to my friends bedroom (we were chatting) and i put my finger over the camera because she kept saying creepy stuff, she then said “move your finger little girl. I wanna see your lovely boobs” HOW IS THAT NOT PROOF!! I AM FRICKEN SCARED RIGHT NOW

      • racergirl

        She never would be inappropriate around me




    THATS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN AN OLD MAN KILL A PERSON

    • awesomegirl

      how can a old man NOT kill a person? -.- most pedos are old men u faggot

      • racergirl

        What is a faggot

  • Hessa

    It is so true

  • Augustine Conteh

    delete any thing created by outfit # 1
    they want to track you down
    I WARNED you be careful

    • racergirl

      Outfit #1?

  • fili

    i just wanna rip thier heads off president you got to get in on this

  • Titanium2737

    I think the eyes are creepy and I heard about this rumor and I decided that I will try it so I downloaded it and then all the sudden I got this call from a no caller id so I answered then it was a guys voice asking who I am and where am I and I said why does it matter if you don’t know me then why are you calling me then I hanged up I wasn’t thinking that it may be the “guy” if it’s true idk what to believe then they called 10 Times! So i cussed at them and they stopped but now I got texts asking who I was and all and I blocked the number and I went on the game again and she said why did you hang up on me and I closed the game and deleted it DONT GET THE GAME!!

    • racergirl

      I deleted it the first 4 hours that I got it after reading the reviews on amazon app store for talking
      Angela.They said that you shouldn’t get the app.and read this it will save your life.

  • karina

    he is sick they are sick the game is sick

  • karina

    that is wrong

  • Debby Ryan


  • Debby Ryan

    hi everyone I`m Debby on the TV set of “Jessie” as u know

    • Mariah

      Do you really think anyone’s going to believe that?! -.-

    • awesomegirl

      faggot -.- dont impersonate ppl

  • serria

    I agree inside the eye there`s a man STALKING you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Freaking Outc

      The man was watching me and my friends. We literally saw him blink and sip pop. We asked him if he kidnapped people and talking Angela said I do. Me and a bunch of kids at my school have given out personal info to talking Angela way before this happened. We need some recognition.

  • Cool Cat

    It asked me where I lived and I lied about it and even though I had never told her where I really live, she responded with “You lied.”

    • Chelsea

      How did she know?

      • Chelsea

        Just asking…

    • racergirl

      When I responded with a lie it believed me because the camera was off

  • swag

    Ok, guys… Read the t&cs. It tells you the app gains access to your camera. So basically this entire thing is a hoax and you’re all tragically impressionable to believe what you read. Skimming over your comment, it seems like those who are falling for this pathetic scare are just rallying back things their friends have told them, or things they’ve read on social networking sites. So may I suggest you calm down and stop juming to conclusions ’cause it’s rather tedious.

  • CommonSenseForReal

    Really? Alright, I agree that it is hacked BUT it’s not like about 10 guys are gonna all split up and kidnap these people =.= Some people stop being paranoid. The news site reported was fake, but it may still be real so at least be conscious. DO NOT download the app to see anything, it is a danger. And if you do, covering your camera wont work. They could hack your own phone. Be a fucktard if you want, but I’d rather safe than sorry for getting that app.

  • saba

    knock your door your from a heart it will take a picture kidnapped u if u open a door

    • awesomegirl

      what? I don’t understand that sentence 😮

  • saba

    u know in his eye there is a house and a man inside it if u look closely and what they

  • CanadaGirl3

    help everyone whos got t

  • DaddyEpikk

    Talking Angela Is a horible Game my friend got kidnapped from that game!

    • uraidiotdude

      umm… i believe the rumours about it being hacked but i really doubt your friend got kidnapped -.-

  • trevor

    my friends keep telling me if you tell him your fake adress he has a tracking device he will come to your house and kill you and then he will rape you

    • Chelsea

      Yea,but what if you’re not home?Then what will he do?!

  • trevor

    that guy is a raipest

  • Sally

    Help – I got rapped

  • Guest

    I mean who’s to say there’s not some creep watching you through your phone at all times? Anyone remember the “Patriot Act”

  • Scared!

    so what does 2 perrsons do in her eyes?

    • Chelsea

      I donno…

  • Liliana

    Don’t trust this app SERIOUSLY

  • Liliana


    • Chelsea

      my friend has it,so should I tell her to delete it or what?!

      • racergirl

        You should.just to be safe

  • Angelainvestigator

    its always the same picture in her eyes… creepy

    • Chelsea


  • ANIMEx24

    You guys are so fucking dense.

    1. The kidnapping report was created on Huzlers, a hoax news website
    2. If you see something in Angela’s eyes, you’re probably just a fucktard.
    3. “i seen it on facebook thou, it must be true hur dur dur.” Use proper grammar, and maybe someone will believe your stupidity. Just because you saw it on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s true.
    4. millions of people use this app, how would a small group of hackers/pedophiles monitor all of these?
    5. the chat uses the same technology as cleverbot, spelling errors (which you guys are great at making) will confuse the robot.

    It’s sad to see what has happened, idiots will believe in anything nowadays.

    • Chelsea

      Prove it.
      P.S.Whatever you say whatever YOU are,ha!

    • Lola Guin

      In all fairness, many of these gullible people are children who don’t know any better. There’s no need to call them “f***tards”. Now, if an adult believes this crap, then you have a point. 😉

      • cool

        yeah,I agree.

    • youradumbassbitch

      1. You are stupid
      2. Get your facts straight


    Angela – don’t install
    Although many companies claim it is safe there are many things that can’t be ignored. Even if no one is collecting the data a child gives to angela isn’t this app just encouraging impressionable children to share personal info? Also it has many inapropriet references and a child can easily turn off the child safe mode. The app has ‘face recogniton’ – do we really know who is sitting in that cats eyes? It could be any hacker! I have used the app and almost immediately she asked me “how i met my best friend” and my name and age. RECAP- THIS APP IS ENCOURGING CHILDREN TO GIVE AWAY INFO AND COULD BE THEN GIVING THIS TO A GROUP OF NASTY AND SICK PEOPLE.

    • Chelsea

      Well…when she starts asking things like that my friend and I dont really anser them.We just say stuff like…”u are monkey fart” and “u are fat panda”.I suggust u should say that too.
      P.S. Block the camera…AND I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nerp

      Are you serious. No. Just no. Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Look around and see how many dumb people actually fell for this rumor. I had the app for over 3 years, and I’m alive.

  • azazill

    If a hacker is soooooooooooo dumb enough to put his own face in the program (angela’s eyes) if i was the hacker i would hide my face not my webcam video in the program. Maybe he or she only graduated from pre school

  • Blaze Øk

    My friend from school was saying something, she said she downlaoded it to see (she turned off all her location services and covered her camera so i hope shes safe if its true) see if its all real and she said she asked it “can you see me” talking angela typed bavk ” duh silly im starting right at you” i was going to do it myself and see but if its true or not i dont want to take a risk especially because i have a 8month daughter and i dont want anything to happen to her. Better safe than sory especially since i heard it from someone i know and love and if u knew her like i do this isnt something she would ever lie about so please dont get the app once you download ut they still can get to your personal information

    • creepyright?? :O

      i asked her “can you see me?” (i had covered the camera up with paper) and she said “does it look like i cant?” … O_O

  • talkingangela

    no like. this game doesnt just have hundreds of people playing it at once. its #3 on the top charts. theres way more than just hundreds of people playing at once. its literally impossible that there is one guy or a group of guys watching you. even if there was, its not like he can watch all of you at once. this is just something like cleverbot. and if youre really that worried, cover your camera or heres an idea: dont download the app at all.

    • Yehitsme

      Yeah u agree but when I asked the guy what colour my hair was he said red (which if it is) and i was just liked wtf so i asked him again and he kept getting it right

      • ANIMEx24

        the chat is randomized, it just guessed a color, it was a simple coincidence, you’re so paranoid.

    • person

      maybe he/she records it. Like he/she opens you camera and records what you say and what you look like then later on he/she sees it. This is a genius who hacked a game he/she can think of a way watch all of us

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday my friends were a little suspicious while at school and typed in illuminati. And all of as sudden the screen light started flashing. See there is something wrong with Talking Angela.But there has to be more than a hacker. Maybe a more powerful source.

    • Banana

      Are you kidding me? Try again mate -_-

    • anon

      O_O creepy

    • Dya084

      the word “Illuminati” is mistaken by Angela for “Illuminate” and she turns on the flash on your phone and says something like “Cats prefer the dark” or “You’re not afraid of the dark”. There’s nothing wrong with the app, it’s just a rumour people been spreading to freak out other people.

  • Crystalcarman

    Wow :(

  • nlove98

    I don’t understand how people are saying this is okay…? It’s like so obvious there’s a guy in the camera. It’s not a “reflection of the cafe” it’s literally a guy sitting in a chair watching and a painting. I did play this and it didn’t say anything bad to me, it started to start talking about trading clothes or something but it stopped..? It also said stuff about tongue getting action or something, but I just realized right before I deleted the app it said do you like movies, so now I’m really happy I deleted it when I did, because it was probably about to get weird. And even if it DOESN’T say bad things to you, it shouldn’t be asking you what city you live in, because obviously a little kid or something isn’t gonna understand about safety…

  • stop the hackers

    Parents make sure your kids don’t get this today a school one of my friends got the app to see if the hacker was real everyone gathers around him and we watched what she or the hacker said one thing creepy it said was I’m watching you. Also he typed I couldn’t live without me phone and Angela said me either like she needed him to download the app which was creepy. Also the camera went off for no reason. Then we were all to scared to go on so we immediately turn off the phone. This is me and my friends strange account with talking Angela and I’m worried if you’re kids will put in their personal information and not think much about it. I do t know it this is a rumor but I heard three kid who had the app talking Angela put in their personal information and were kidnapped in Missouri so please don’t let your kids get this app for their own safety please I want to help so please please don’t get this app.

    • SAve economy

      Plus two kids got raped


    I feel like there is a hacker and there’s evidence people

    • stop the hackers

      I know today my friend did it and the camera randomly went off.

  • hi

    dude this is sick who makes a game like seriously stocks little kid apps for information that’s like crazy and then he sits in stocks little girl finder and kills her like do you really think that somebody is its just a cat like really look into the eyes you see a whole living room and sometimes you can see the man in the air even I downloaded it and saw the living room is pretty crazy and I asked the question I said do you rate the boys and girls and it reply back I only rape boys that’s crazy if you think its just a joke without it being reviewed then you’re crazy cuz this is real and you know what it is

  • Melissa Castillo

    my friend told me a girlgot kidnaped because of this app and if u can not see the half guy and hes taking notes

    • stop the hackers

      I know I saw a guy in the camera and he took a picture of me and my friend when we covered the camera she said let me see your face that is proof

  • IcanHackTheHacker

    i have had a practice hack

    • LIAR IcanHacktheHacker

      No one cares.. If you can, then try hacking minecraft.. Hack it such that I get infinity gold and TNT in Survival Mod.. Lets see if you can do that first

  • IcanHackTheHacker

    honestly i can

  • IcanHackTheHacker

    look at my username

    • Chelsea


  • pick

    It is true you idiots have u looked in here eyes you can see the room that the man is let it in if you look close on it

  • Liberty Abrego

    this recently occored to me. i put my finger over the camera to keep myself safe and she said hey! move your hand please! so…

    • O_O



    You guys this isn’t an opinion there is no
    guy who wants to kill.Talking angela and tom all that other stuff they are losing viewers and I agree with Kimberly chocolate certain things people can hack but this game it is impossible to hack. It is just a roomer that started last week . If you look in to its eyes it is trying to make the game look more real.

    • ashlyn

      omg its true it is true omg the house in his eyes what explians the guy in the picture my friend had proof she took pictures of the eyes and they got deleted the hacker got into her phone yall people are idiots its true im gonna laugh when you find out it is true and im not gonna be crying when you get killed cause that guy will find out your information a girl got killed by him omg look it up yall are so dumb


    Talking Angela has hacker idiot I don’t think it happens to everyone’s tablet .
    And I also think there is more than one person. If he asked you any information don’t answer get rid of the game .he will try to take pictures of you and try to hunt you down and this is all true HE IS WATCHING YOU .

    • Klara Mezej

      You just need to cover camera with paper or something

      • Chelsea

        it wont work.

      • racergirl

        It did for me

      • Chelsea


  • Caroline

    At first I was like super freaked out, but now that I think about it How could one guy sit there and watch over 25million downloads, and seriously? Wouldn’t apple and android be on this in like 3 seconds? If they say it’s safe it probably is

    • Klara Mezej

      A lot of hackers work on this you idiot

      • Cameron Mason

        what 25 million hackers……

      • sad

        holy shit half the people of earth bro
        25 milion hackers it a lot
        the defend of this is very thin is like a glass
        so any even a begining hacker would get to this game easily

      • racergirl

        Stop the cussing I am trying to learn more about the app

    • Chelsea

      Maybe its a bunch of hackers

  • Lalaloopsy

    If you zoom in on her eyes Thier is a computer screen and man

    • SAve economy

      I have told every body that and my friend got so freaked out that she cried than fainted.

      • momo

        I dont see a man in the eyes but i do see the computer screens and also its in talking ginger too

      • cool

        hi people im new

      • C




    • Chelsea

      me too

  • tiuh

    I freaked out when my friend told me about this hacking guy. I deleted the app. I told my mom and my friends about this and looked it up. I saw a room in angela’s pupil. I sent the pictures of it to my friends. I am telling you, the game is hacked. ANYONE OUT THERE THAT HAS THIS APP, DELETE IT! : |

  • peace83

    Yes there is a house and a shadow inside Angela’s eye. She even makes a comment about her tongue getting a lot of action. Something is totally up with this app.

    • Dur

      It isnt a house its a building. The shadow apears occasionally to represent a person passing by.

  • Hill

    When I downloaded it it was a robotic voice NOT a French accent which also told me my hair was messy lol and I had my camera covered….
    Sorry but this is a hacker..

    • Klara Mezej

      Yea you got it 😮

    • bud

      It did it to me to


      yup same here O_O

      • Serp

        Staph believing everything you see on the Internet.

    • Terp

      To those people who think there is a hacker:

      • Terp

        Can u see it

      • Terp

        Dammit, I had this perfect picture of Scar from the Lion King saying ‘I’m surrounded by idiots’. Damn that would be so good…’To those people who think there is a hacker: I’m surrounded by idiots’. Doesn’t it fit perfectly.

    • AlwaysTruelol

      It is not a hacker,your making it up probably

  • Kimberly Chocolates

    its a rumor people spread to freak out other people. I mean seriously. A guy stalking about over hundreds of people using an app. Supposedly spying on us? threw our own phone. Wow. People believe anything. In order for me to believe something, i need evidence , or proof, Not just random people i dont even know saying random shit.

    • Dur

      *through btw evidence and proof r the same thing

      • Lola Guin

        I wrote this above already, but I’ll write it again. Proof and evidence are not precisely the same thing. There is a slight difference. Proof is confirmation, evidence is support. Proof definitely proves/confirms a supposition, whereas evidence can only support, it does not necessarily prove. Example, if someone commits a crime and leaves their fingerprints on something, that is evidence that someone was present at the scene of the crime. Now, if the police have a suspect and they match the fingerprints to that person, they have proof that they were present at the scene of the crime. The difference is small, but it has to do with certainty. Proof is 100% certainty, facts. Evidence is merely one piece of the puzzle, it still has to be proven.

    • Liberty Abrego

      no, it is true i saw it with my own two eyes.

      • <3 to Dance!!!

        Saw what with your two own eyes???

      • Liberty Abrego

        i had that app…

      • Werp

        Heh, I had it too, I actually had it for over a year. And look at me, I’m fine! It was just a rumor to scare the crap out of people (And probably to test how dumb and gullible people are), and apparently it worked xD. Actually, it worked a bit. Some people are just too smart to believe everything they see on the Internet.

    • Anonymous

      Lmaooooo evidence and proof r the same thing

      • Lola Guin

        Not exactly. Evidence merely supports, it does not necessarily prove. Proof is 100% confirmation of something. There is a difference, however slight.

    • <3 to Dance!!!

      I am with you… its just a rumor. Look in the eye very closely. Its just a reflection in the cats eye. Also If you don’t believe me… look it up on the internet… ITS JUST A RUMOR!!!! Also if the cat does ask you the questions like how old are you or what’s your name or where do you go to school … you lie… you don’t EVER!!! give out information like that to someone or something you don’t t know!! I mean are you dumb!!! Would you just go up to a stranger and give him all your information?!?!?!?! Hello!!!

      • kk

        honestly I was with my friend and he asked her to take a grammy quiz and after tht the camera was on and he was like the cameras not the only thing attracted to u and he was asking me who I liked and crap I was scared so I delated it but on the other hand its creppy and all but thousands of people are on it a day and is he really gonna go to every kids house its like come on

    • peace

      Omg. I totes agree with u. People will believe anything these days. I dont think someone can do all that without being caught. If the app was dangourous, the app store would take it off

  • Diamondcx

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! Do you see the house in Angela’s eye? People don’t understand their is someone being a pedophile and hacking into the game asking people their information!!!!!!!!!! That guy’s sick and I’d totally get on Talking Angela right now because I’m not scared of that idiot and I’d be glad to tell him how it is, hacking into a game and getting everyone’s personal information is sick… SICK! That game was pretty fun until some sicko had to come along. I hope everyone in this world gets their head checked. How many times have things happened like this before? Every single day. I suggest everyone stops hacking into games, (if anyone did), because 1. It’s illegal. 2. You should know better you sickos. 3. It’s none of your business. I don’t have to say why you shouldn’t do things like that YOU SHOULDN’T BECAUSE IT’S A WRONG THING TO DO. Idiots. Complete idiots. How’d you like it if someone hacked your game and was watching you & stealing your information. Hm how’d you like it? You wouldn’t like it one bit. If anyone thinks they can hack into games like this, what are you going to do when the Internet doesn’t exist anymore? And hacking is illegal? Oh wait it already is. Jail time buddy. It must suck to be you. That was for anyone who thinks hacking is okay, SUCH AS THE PERSON WHO THINKS THEY CAN STEAL EVERYONES INFORMATION AND KILL THEM. How about people who think hacking is okay die instead. (: Sucks to be you.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, how is one guy going to watch over 10,000 people at one time? And if you are really paranoid, turn off the wi-fi features. Do you think Apple just lets anyone make an app without reviewing it first. You can get on your game and scream at your phone thinking that someone is watching you, while I sit here at laugh at people so paranoid over an intentionally creepy app.

      • dex

        its not jsut one person its a group of hackers idiot

      • Klara Mezej

        Yes it’s actually very creepy but I install it to see is that true and first we talk normal but then she start to sending me questions like: What is your name, Do you have brother or sister, in what school you are going… I lied and freaking cat said that i lied. I start to log out from app and she said: I know you are loging out…. I uninstall app and 30min. later i get icon from TALKING ANGELA (wtf I uninstall it but really) And it says: Let’s play. I delete all stuffs from my phone. I have no Idea what I’m gonna do. I’m scared because i have 12.

      • Platinum

        You have twelve what?
        Also, your story sounds more made up than their ‘pedophile’ rumor. Try again next time.

      • Rancis

        BEcuase you are 12 or something
        little girl you cant say the F word
        until you are a little older i guess
        and the icon that keep respawn of talking angela is kind of a glitch delete it many time will do the trick

      • LOLLIPOP

        yeah i do that lol

      • Yusur Alsharqi

        My friend said she got the app and put her finger over the camera to see what would happen and she looked into his eyes and saw a man in his office and then the cat told her to take her hand off the camera I don’t know if it’s true though

      • Me duhh

        I seen it for myself today.. It’s true

      • Sisi

        It fake and there r little kids who play this so plleeeaaassseee stop
        With the lies

      • Iya

        Yeah its true..when im playing talking angela and i put my finger at the camera she/he said take off my hand… OH LOL! IM FREAKING OUT!

      • Sis

        That so fake common don’t believe what u see online

      • hi

        Totea freaked. Im deleting the app

      • Sisi

        Don’t it fine

      • kayla

        Ik exactly what your talking about same thing happened to me I’m dead serious O-O

      • Ann

        It’s not just one ! They are more than 10 + people !

      • Ολγακι αεκακι

        It is true! There is someone behind this and watching you because my friend downloaded the app to see it and she was with her friends and Angela says to her: Hey I am so happy you are here! and after that she says: Can you tell to your friends to go away? And my friend, she didn’t even told Angela that she is with her friends!

      • Herp

        Well, at least I don’t believe everything I see on the Internet. People are SO dumb now! They look at the Internet, see something, and believe it instantly. If this app was actually dangerous, why didn’t the app store take it away? Huh?

      • Ros123856

        you are so right some people lie.

      • hi

        I totes agree, but y r the like that anyway? Its safe but doesnt make sense.

      • Doofenshmurtz

        The picture In her eyes is supposed to look like your face reflecting on her eyes. And all of the responses are always the same. And the reason why they ask your name and other stuff is so it can talk to you about those things. So people, do not be scared by a children’s game!

    • ashlyn

      i agree with you

      • ashlyn

        i did not mean to put that

      • Ros123856


      • Ros123856

        what my reply or herp?

    • King

      Really look in the eyes yeah perfectly safe sure….

      • Chelsea

        prove it

    • pleh

      Oh my god.. Not a house :O Don’t be a fool.. If thousands of people are on this app do you really think one guy can monitor all of that? It’s crazy. No disrespect but i think you’ve got carried away in all the drama. If you think it’s dangerous then don’t download it and if your going to warn people about this ‘sick guy’ then don’t end the paragraph wishing people to die.. it’s sick 😉

      • <3 to Dance!!!!

        Right… its not a house… its just a reflection!!! Yes, I did start to freak out when I heard about because I loved that app… but then I did research and I found out it just a hoax ( rumor )!!!!! Don’t believe everything you hear!!!

      • Pinkmonstererer

        It’s not a reflection because it was in mine when I got the app

      • Joe yehat

        Do you notice that she is sitting outside in a city and that is probably there is a building reflecting into her eyes.

      • Merp

        I agree, but I bet a lot of people just believe everything they see on the Internet. Aren’t people soooo smart. *Cough* Sarcasm *Cough*.

      • anonymous

        Hey watch it I don’t believe everything some poeple do but not me!!

      • Ringo Joy

        ya I do notice it was a refelection of a cafe in front of her

      • Cool Cat

        Its a house!!! There is way more than one hacker, idiot.

      • gxgdhdfsgdfsgfgxfd

        Research from where? The internet don’t you think that somehow the internet is working with talking angela. You can’t trust the Internet either.

      • jade

        I am with u people just say this things to freak u out

    • Regina

      The cat asked my many personal questions, I lied too and she said I lied… I deleted but nothing happened I’m a little bit creeped out.

      • Anonymous

        Look in the eye doofus and read the comments not 500 people are making up stories. And I am sure the cat is like Siri
        And keeps your info and the man does not look at ALL the info!!!! DO NOT BUY JUST LEAVE IT TO THE FBI TO INVESTIGATE

      • Lerp

        The Fbi don’t give a crap because they don’t believe everything they see on the Internet :I If the app was actually bad, wouldn’t it have been deleted? And a quick tip for everyone: Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet.

    • serria

      I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • sure


    • tooawsome

      Yea if you look closely in talking whatever eye. U can see the house in the back round . Look close cover ur front camera of ur phone then look .

    • Kaitlyn

      1. No proof
      2. You can’t believe ANYTHING put up on social media sites unless it is said in the news for verified by security pages.
      3. No one, or no child has not at all gone missing. If so, this app would clearly be making headlines.
      This is another rumor spread aroung on social media, and I dont understand how thick minded some people are. And, I don’t understand why you even came to this website if you believe its true. Only credible news and media tells the truth. Not social media.

    • Gamer245

      Angela is in Paris, right? So what you see in her eyes is a view from a street of Paris where she is hanging with you. Damn u child.

    • Derp.

      Diamond, chill. First of all, I’ve had this app for over a YEAR. OVER A YEAR. And I am perfectly fine. It actually sucks to be scared of a rumor. Look at your self! In fact, everyone who believes there is a hacker, LOOK AT YOURSELF. Look at yourself and ask yourself, ‘Why do I believe everything I see on the Internet’. Damn people are so dumb nowadays.

  • Aby

    true they might track my bby sister down help!!!!

  • CVrtgnhty8ioi6t

    talking angela is fucked up. look at the fucking eyes PEOPLE!!!!