Causes, Symptoms and Consequences of Internet Addiction

Internet addictions are all over the place. They can affect anyone at any time. Just like with any addiction you have to be prepared and know about them so that you don’t get sucked in and end up having an addiction to the Internet.

The cause of Internet addictions is basically a need for something. Most of the time people don’t realize that they become dependent on something until they are already addicted. They start out by playing a game on the Internet and find that it gave them pleasure. Then the next time they are on the Internet they play it again. Then again. Then they start going on the Internet just to play the game. Then they spend hours and hours playing it. It’s the same for any type of Internet addiction. You start by being curious or just looking around on the web and find that you like it, then keep going back to it. When you keep going back and back to it, you create an addiction.

One of the symptoms of an Internet addiction is that you spend most of your time doing it. You end up spending hours and hours a day doing it. You usually forget about important things like household chores and your job. You become angry with anyone that tries to stop you from doing it. You lie about how long you were on the Internet. You try to hide what you are doing from your friends and family. You treat it like the best thing in the world. You basically come to love it and don’t want to let it go or let anyone take it away from you.

There are several consequences that can result from an Internet addiction. If you are addicted to cybersex, pornography, or have online affairs, then you might lose your spouse and your family. You also would most likely lose your job if anyone saw you looking at it at work. Don’t think that people can’t see what you are doing, because most of the time they can.

If you have an addiction to online gambling you could end up being thousands of dollars in debt. You could lose your home and possessions. You could end up filing for bankruptcy because you couldn’t control yourself.

If you are addicted to gaming on the Internet you would be spending all you time doing that. You wouldn’t make time for friends or family, wouldn’t go to work, and would probably spend lots of money buying things for the game or merchandise from the game.

Every Internet addiction has serious consequences. Even if it doesn’t seem like there are many or that they aren’t a big deal, they really are. Addictions aren’t called addictions for nothing. Addictions take over your life and destroy it.

Most people don’t recognize that they have an addiction or even an obsession. If you think that you might have an addiction, make sure that you get help. There are several websites that help people who have Internet addictions. They provide blogs with people to help, articles, books, professional help, and groups of people that are going through the same thing. If you are addicted to the Internet, talk with a friend and let them know that you need help and support so that you can get over your Internet addiction.

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