How Can I Use Twitter to Improve My Business?

All of us need to socialize. We love to talk with other people and to keep in touch with friends and family. For most of us this is more, however, than just a nicety. Spending time with the people we need is very important for all of us. People are perhaps the most important part of our lives and so we need to find good ways to socialize with them and to watch out for them. This can be difficult in a world where many people live thousands of miles from their friends and family. It used to be that people simply lived in the neighborhood of their loved ones.

Although things have changed and we live further apart than we used to, technology allows us to communicate in many important and convenient ways. Think about what the Internet allows us to do. We can send emails or instant message, we can conduct business, we can write blogs and find information. The Internet is a great tool that allows us to socialize and keep in touch with the ones we love. There are, in particular, certain social networking sites, such as Facebook, that allow us to communicate with friends and family with much greater frequency than we might otherwise. An important social networking site you might not have heard of is Twitter.

Twitter is an interesting new concept in communication. Much like Facebook, Twitter users have a personal site where they can receive and send information. On Twitter, information is sent in short, one hundred and forty word blog posts. What makes Twitter even more unique is that information can be sent in various ways. You can send a text through Twitter to all of your friends and family. This text could appear on their Twitter pages or also be sent to their phones in the form of a text message. Instant message and email are other options. What Twitter allows you to do is send small but important information quickly to people you know.

You might be wondering what this tool could do for your business. Several people have allready thought about this and are using Twitter for business purposes. Some companies have started monitoring Twitter messages (called ‘tweets’) in order to help provide customer services and to get customer feedback. Think about being able to respond to customer problems with a friendly and helpful message. You could also see which products were most popular and what customers liked about it.

Another great use of Twitter is to share information about new products. Think of finding a new and exciting product or invention that could help boost your business to all new levels. How would you alert your business partners of this invention? You could quickly send a short text message through Twitter to all of your associates. You could quickly send an instant message or an email. Twitter could greatly increase the speed of communication of the information that you need.

These are just a few ideas about how Twitter could greatly improve your business and communication amongst business people. Twitter could also be a great tool for communicating minute by minute in a business emergency. Everyone who has worked in business has faced some sort of emergency at some point. It is crucial to share information quickly with people who need to know that things are going wrong. In some cases you might not be able to call and you might need a way to contact many people. Twitter could help save your business in this case.

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