Computer Virus Management: Ridding Your System of Adware

Adware ranges from the harmless, but extremely annoying, to the dangerous and potentially fatal to your system. The extremely annoying type causes advertisements to pop up on your computer without your consent or knowledge while the more dangerous type can change your settings and browser pages without your permission and, if left on your computer, sells and sends your personal information to third party users via the internet.

Here are some simple steps to follow when trying to remove adware from your computer

Step 1: Go through your program list

The next step in removing adware programs from your computer is finding programs that you don’t recognize that could be potential adware programs. Once you have found programs that you do not recognize, right click on the icon/program and delete and confirm that yes, you do want to delete the program you’ve selected.

Step 2: Disconnect

Make sure before you try to remove any of the adware files that you disconnect from the internet and close all your browser windows. Make sure you’re disconnected from the internet before you try to remove adware as being connected to the internet gives the adware software a way to connect to its home site, thusly negating your attempt to remove the software.

Step 3: Change settings and Reboot

Sometimes when adware gets onto your computer system it has the ability to change your browser homepage to an adware site instead of the one you have chosen. If this has happened change your browser home page to a blank site. Disconnect from the internet then reboot your computer.

Step 4: Uninstall and reboot

Go back to your program files, in the control panel, and find ‘add/remove’. You can now begin to uninstall/remove any suspicious or malicious adware software. Make sure you read carefully before you uninstall to make sure that you’re removing only the files you want removed. Once you have uninstalled the unwanted programs reboot your computer and then check your files again. If they have not all be removed, repeat the uninstall process.

Some adware is intentionally very stubborn and difficult to remove. Removing some programs may require additional, professional help to avoid causing major damage to your computer. If this is the case, take your computer to a computer technician for a professional consultation and help or request a house call for about the same cost. Removing most adware from your computer by yourself isn’t hard to do and it can usually be done on your own time and money.

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