How to Burn a DVD

Although Windows has built-in support for burning CDs, burning DVDs requires extra software. Many DVDs come with software such as Nero or Roxio, but computer expert Leo Notenboom recommends a free alternative: ImgBurn . For more, read Ask Leo’s detailed …[Continue]

Audio Formats

Although your computer can play both MP3 CDs and audio CDs, most car and home CD players can not play compressed MP3 audio. If you want maximum compatibility, you need to specify “Audio CD” format when you burn your own …[Continue]

Photo CD Cover

Got photos? Got CDs? How about creating a cool CD cover from your own photos? This fun tool from Flagrant Disregard will create a personalized, printable page that integrates your photo and text into a CD or DVD cover that …[Continue]

Labeling CDs

Although gummed CD labels from a print-them-yourself kit can look cool, there is evidence that over time they can destroy your CDRs, leaving them totally unreadable. The safest method for labeling a CDR is a permanent marker on the clear …[Continue]

Cleaning CDs

When a CD doesn’t play correctly, try washing it gently with warm water and a squirt of liquid dish soap, and then drying it with a clean lint-free towel. This will remove finger prints, but not scratches. If this doesn’t …[Continue]