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Have Fun Emptying Your Inbox

by Barbara J. Feldman September 29, 2010

Need a bit of inspiration (and fun) to help you reach the ultimate techie goal of an empty email inbox? 0Boxer is a browser-based game for Gmail users that turns clearing your inbox into a social competition, complete with badges for reaching certain milestones. Earn points for archiving, deleting and replying, and see how you […]

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Pitfalls and Benefits of the Webkinz Craze

by Barbara J. Feldman July 12, 2007

Webkinz is the toy craze of the new millennia. What is a Webkinz? It is a stuffed animal that has a virtual life. New owners of a Webkinz go online, name their pet, and begin to care for it via an online game. The whole process is part playing with dolls and part video game, […]

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