Thanksgiving Turkey Traditions


While the turkey is undoubtedly the centerpiece of any Thanksgiving meal you may want to incorporate some new traditions that give your turkey new meaning in the meal of the year. While everyone looks forward to the roast turkey you may be looking for some new traditions to add to your Thanksgiving holiday. If you are looking for a way to spice up your Thanksgiving meal (literally and figuratively) read on for some of the best Thanksgiving turkey traditions.

Fresh versus frozen-this is not a tradition for the faint of heart or sentimental. If you have always picked up a frozen turkey at the supermarket you may want to consider a visit to a turkey farm to pick out a fresh turkey. While you may not want to select one specifically to be your Thanksgiving meal, it makes for an interesting field trip to see where turkeys really come from. Most turkey farms have a processing plant where the turkey is cleaned and packaged for you to take at the end of your visit.

The cooking method-if you have always roasted your turkey you may want to set a new precedent this year. If you are hosting a large group consider a turkey cooking contest. Divide your guests into smaller groups give them each their own turkey and cooking method to use. One group can roast, one can grill and one can even deep fry their turkey. Then have a taste test to determine which turkey is the best. Be sure to have some sort of prize for the winning turkey cookers. You may just be starting one of the most fun traditions Thanksgiving has ever had.

How to serve-while most turkeys are just delicious enough to serve alone part of the fun of Thanksgiving is really going all out. For a fun twist on how to serve the turkey, challenge your guests to come up with a unique way to present the big bird. It can be anything from being surrounded by fruit, on a leaf platter that is made by the kids, or even having the turkey being presented with molded cranberry creations. It will be fun work as your guests will have to strive to outdo themselves every year for the big presentation and it will leave you with one less thing to worry about.

How to serve part 2-while it is always fun to introduce fun new traditions at Thanksgiving, many families find that this is the holiday to appreciate their ancestors and those who came before. If you have an heirloom carving set you may want to incorporate as part of a carving tradition the presentation of the carving tools to the family member who will be carving the turkey. Often this honor falls to the eldest member of the family who often carves the turkey at the table and then serves the guests.

Two for one turkey-while the bounty of our Thanksgiving meal can even seem overwhelming many families choose this time of year to remember those who do not have as much. Many food banks and soup kitchens would gladly welcome the donation of frozen turkeys either for distribution to needy families or for the serving of the Thanksgiving meal to the homeless. Check with your local food bank or soup kitchen for any requirements needed to follow for a turkey donation. If donating to a local food bank or soup kitchen is not an option where you live, consider inviting someone who would be alone on the holiday to share your turkey with you. This is also a wonderful way to involve children in the spirit of giving and gratitude during the holiday season.

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