Fall Crafts For Kids

Kids love crafts. They love making things with their hands. They love to create. They love being able to make holiday and seasonal themed crafts. Here are a few ideas of fall crafts for kids.

Fall Flower Basket:

This is a fun and functional decoration for your kids to put around their rooms. You will need a basket, fall flower pieces, colored wooden beads, scissors, tissue paper and a low temperature glue gun. This is what you do:

1. Glue the wooden beads into the center of the flowers.

2. Cut the tissue paper to a size the will line the inside of the basket (you may want to double or even triple layer it).

3. Glue the flowers onto the exterior of the basket.

4. Fill it full of whatever you like (candy, socks, pencils, etc.).

Make a Pilgrim:

This is a fun one for Thanksgiving. To do this you will need to assist your child by first drawing a hat, buckle, circle (for a head) and shirt on a large piece or several pieces of construction paper. Then help your child cut out what you’ve just drawn. Now, take some glue or tape and put all the parts of the pilgrim together. Let your child decorate and color the pilgrim.

Fall Ornament:

This item is easy to do and will look great hanging on a wall or in a window. You will need a wooden disc with a small whole at the top, paint, paintbrush, raffia, pencil, and something to trace (a leaf, acorn, pumpkin, etc).

1. Take your traceable item and place it on the wood disc. Trace it with a pencil.

2. With the paint, help your child paint the traced item on the wood disk.

3. String the raffia through the hole and hang up the ornament for all to enjoy!

Pumpkin Straw Hat:

This is a fun activity for Halloween. To do this activity you will need a straw hat, foam leaves, orange and black paint, paintbrushes and tacky glue. Here’s what you do:

1. Paint the “head”? of the hat with the orange paint. You may need to do more than one coat.

2. Glue the foam leaves around the brim of the hat.

3. With the black paint (you could use a black marker if you prefer) you may draw a pumpkin face on the front of the hat.

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