Steps for Writing a Love Poem


Anyone can write a love poem for someone they love, whether they’ve only known the person for a few days or they’ve been with their love for many years. A love poem is a romantic gesture that just about anyone will enjoy and appreciate. Below, writing a love poem, step-by-step:

Step #1 – Write a Rough Draft

A rough draft is an excellent way to get your thoughts in order before you begin to compose your poem. A rough draft will also help you maintain your focus, lest your poem become a jumble of ideas, sentiments and unnecessary fluff. Refer back to your rough draft often while you compose your poem as it will enable you to focus on the rhyme and rhythm instead of trying to create content while you try to make it rhyme while simultaneously trying to create and maintain a rhythm.

Your rough draft can be as simple as writing a short paragraph or a list of characteristics or feelings you’d like to highlight about the person you love. You might also consider writing about milestones you’ve experienced with the person you’re writing the poem for such as when you first met, when you fell in love or maybe even plans for the future.

Step #2 – Decide on Style

Once you have your rough draft, or at least some thoughts and ideas written down, you must then decide what style of poem you want to write. There are a variety of styles of poetry you might consider, such as traditional rhyming poetry with meter, sonnets, free verse and blank verse, to name just a few. Will your poem rhyme or follow a rhythm? Will it be a free verse poem, lacking both rhythm and rhyme? Once you are able to gauge where your talents lie, how much time you have and how much effort you want to put into creating the poem you should have a better idea of what type of poem you want to write.

Step #3 – Compose the Lines

Once you’ve decided what type of poem you want to write, what stylistic elements you want to include and what you want to say, it’s time to begin writing. Don’t be afraid to revise a few times as the best wording doesn’t usually come immediately. Be patient as quality work takes time.

Consider the rhythm of your poem as you write. One way to keep it consistent is to keep track of the number of syllables. While giving it a rhythm is not required, it does give poetry a musical quality. Rhyme is also something to consider; however, should you decide to employ rhyme, don’t force your lines to rhyme, lest it lose its natural flow and seem contrived. The most common rhyme scheme is to alternate the lines with rhyming last words. Remember, rhythm that rhyme aren’t required to write a great love poem; if you feel that using either tool confines or inhibits your writing, eschew them in favor of writing freestyle poetry.

As you compose your poem, try to employ imagery and metaphor at least once as these tools create a sense of beauty, linking an abstract idea like love or devotion to something that is concrete and touchable, like a rose or porcelain skin. Love poems throughout the centuries have used imagery effectively to convey one’s love for another. However, be wary of overusing metaphor as this can negatively affect your poem, making it seem insincere, cliché and corny. Limit yourself to just one or two metaphors as this is typically just enough imagery to make a poem beautiful and sincere.

Step #4 – Read it Aloud

Once you’ve finished writing your poem and you are satisfied with what you have written, read your poem out loud as this will allow you to catch any odd phrasing or awkward rhythm. Chances are, as you read your poem, you’ll find at least one line or phrase that needs a little tweaking, which is normal. Additionally, reading your poem out loud prepares you for delivering your poem.

Step #5 – Delivery

Once you are satisfied with the finished version of your poem, it is time to deliver it to your significant other in a manner befitting of the hard work you have put into it; you also want to create a special moment. Buy some flowers, bring some chocolates and find a balcony or bring a picnic blanket to a park. Once you’re in the location of your choice, relax and read your poem. Your gift of creativity, effort and time will be something your special someone will remember and treasure for a long time.

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