Decoupage Jar and Shaker Box

These craft will leave you with a charming set for the bathroom. This is an easy to do craft that can be personalized to match any bathroom.

What you will need:

Small glass jar with cork lid
Small shaker box
Rubbing alcohol or vinegar
Cream colored acrylic craft paint or model car paint (for a gloss finish) or glass paints
Paint brush or foam brush
Paper napkins with suitable design for decoupage cutouts
Weatherproof clear coat
Fine sharp scissors

Instructions for the project:

Clean the glass jar with rubbing alcohol or vinegar in order to help the paint adhere. If needed you can lightly sand the shaker box and remove any sanding dust. Paint the entire shaker box and the glass jar in two coats of cream colored acrylic craft paint and let dry completely. Alternatively, you can paint with your choose of model car paint or glass paints. Use the fine scissors to carefully cut out the designs you want from the paper napkins and do a “dry run”, experimenting with various positions until you find a design you like. Be sure to separate the napkin layers so that you are working with only the one thin layer printed with the design. Paint a clear coat on the decoupage area of the shaker box and jar. Carefully place on the decoupage element be sure to smooth gently to eliminate wrinkles. Finish the entire area with one or two layers of clear coat medium.

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