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Grace Hopper on Letterman

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Enjoy the amazing Grace Murray Hopper on Late Night with David Letterman.

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Super Easy No-Bake Cookies

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With just five ingredients, a little patience, and a bit of help from an adult, these cookies are fun to make and ready to eat in no time!

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Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat

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Turn your little ones into Pilgrims with this fun family craft idea.

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Turkey Wings

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Cut and glue colorful feathers onto a poster board base to make a set of wearable turkey wings this Thanksgiving.

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The Comma Song

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If you feel like learning about commas, then watch this video.

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The Oxford Comma

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Grammar’s great divide: the Oxford comma. Watch the video to hear arguments for and against the little guy.

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Commas Song

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Put your hands together for Grammar Rock! After you’re done jamming to their hit tune, Commas Song, you’ll be able to tell everyone what commas do.

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Scaredy Squirrel’s Tips for Halloween Safety

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Scaredy Squirrel shares his top 3 safety tips for trick-or-treating.

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Never Mess Around with Fire

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Get your toes tapping as you listen to The Danger Rangers’ Never Mess Around with Fire music video!

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Kitchen Safety

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Join Safety Scout Steve, a junior fire dog in training, as he interviews a real live chef to earn his Kitchen Safety Merit Badge.

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