Ideas for Back to School Parties

Back to School

If your kids are not looking forward to going back to school, you may be able to help the situation by throwing a back to school party. And best of all there is no reason to settle for a run of the mill party. There are lots of ideas that can help you welcome this transition and even make it fun, for your kids. You may find that you like these ideas so much they become a “holiday tradition”.  Here are some ideas for back to school parties-

Meet and greet party-Sometimes the most difficult part of going back to school is the unknown. New class, new teachers, new everything can throw some kids off. To combat the newness of everything, why not host a pre back to school, meet and greet? Best of all the weather should still be nice enough to host the party outside, which cuts down on the need for extensive decorations and reduces the need for a major cleanup.

  • Invitations-The key here is to stay in touch. You can circulate a sign up sheet at the end of the school year, when you know who your child’s next teacher and class will be. You can then copy it to use for summer play dates as well. If anyone new moves into the neighborhood over the summer it can be nice to invite them too. An email invitation works, or a simple postcard with all the details will let everyone know when the fun is. Make sure that you invite the teachers since they are a key component in the back to school mix. This offers them an informal way to mix with you and their students.
  • Food-The key here is to keep it casual. Hamburgers and hot dogs work great. To really get everyone involved think of a treat bar. Decorating your own cookie or cupcake can get all the kids involved and talking. Just make up some cookies or cupcakes (or buy them unfrosted from your local bakery), put them out with lots of frosting and topping options. The kids will dive right in!

After school snack party-Why not greet your scholars on the first day of school, on their way back home? Whether your kids get off at a bus stop or walk home from school, you can have an after school bash all ready to go that celebrates the fact they made it through the first day. This can be a perfect time for the kids to kick back and enjoy the last vestiges of summer weather. You can simply set up a snack table at the local bus stop, or pick a corner in your neighborhood that all kids walk by and start the party from there. An added advantage is that all the neighborhood adults will have a chance to reconnect, talk about summer travel, their kid’s teachers and the new schedules.

  • Food-The kids will be hungry and the weather will still be warm. So be sure to stock your snack table with icy cold drinks and even fresh fruit.
  • Games-There is no need for formal party games. Simply bring in any equipment you need to play some lawn games. Frisbee, Wiffle ball or even sidewalk chalk will be appreciated by the kids.
  • Invitations-This is a party that is best coordinated through the parents. Who ever lives closest to the bus stop might want to be the host and set up tables. Other adults can pitch in with drinks, snacks, cup and coolers.
  • Just for fun-You can record this milestone as the kids get off the bus or round the corner, have them hold a “First Day” sign as you take their picture. You will also want to involve younger siblings so they can get excited about attending school when they are old enough. Best of all-This is a party that can be brief. A short celebration will help everyone get into the back to school routine of homework, dinner and hopefully a reasonable bedtime.

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