More Back to School Tips for Parents


Back to school can be an exciting or overwhelming time for both parents and children. The following are some back to school tips for parents to make the transition easier:

Start early: It can be difficult to go from late nights and flexible schedules to the tight time tables that have to be met for school. Help make the transition easier for yourself and your children by getting them on some regularity before school starts. Have them start getting to bed earlier about week before school, and make their days a little more structured about the same time too, this will help both parent and student ease back into the school year.

Create a routine: Having a routine means knowing what to do and when to do it. It will help your child accomplish more in their day. It means not scrambling to find things, finish homework, and the like. So, create a routine that includes everything from homework and reading to setting out the clothes for the next day and laying out the backpack. Mornings will go smoother, and grades will be higher if kids are following a routine.

Shop early and with a list: No one wants to forget things when back to school shopping, and no one wants to spend hours waiting in lines. So, make a list, go early, or do your shopping online. It helps make things easier, and can help ease some of the anxiety over going back to school if you know you are prepared.

Plan with your child: It is a good idea to talk to your child about how they will get to and from school, when you will pick them up, if they will ride the bus, walk, etc. Make a plan for emergencies, for when they are sick and need something, etc. It is wise to have contingencies, your child will feel safer, and you will be able to rest easier.

Relax: Back to school is hectic for parents, so be better prepared to deal with it by finding means of coping with stress, and taking time for you. This might mean a morning off, or a trip to the spa, or an afternoon that is kid free, a bubble bath, a good book, take out instead of cooking, etc. It doesn’t matter what it is as much as it matters that you take a break from the craziness of form signing, meeting teachers, etc.

Easy reference materials: It is a good idea to put the phone number of the school, the teacher’s direct line, the nurse, etc. on a paper and display it where it is easy to find, or program the numbers into your phone. That way, if you have any questions, or concerns, you can easily contact the school.

Back to school can be a great experience, or a dreadful one, make it great by planning ahead, getting organized, and finding ways to de-stress.

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