Using Christmas Cookies As Gifts

Gingerbread Cookies in a Box

So it is Christmas again and you are wondering what you could do to make a really meaningful gift for family, friends and neighbors. Have you thought about making Christmas cookies? Delicious Christmas cookies can make a wonderful and eagerly received gift by anyone and the best thing of all there is no size requirement! Everyone from neighbors, to faraway friends will appreciate a box of Christmas cookies. So dust off your recipe file, put on your apron and read on for some of the best tips for using Christmas cookies as gifts.

1.The number one issue on using Christmas cookies for gifts usually involves shipping them. Many Moms want to be able to ship homemade cookies to faraway family members or perhaps that college student or most importantly, a soldier who is far from home at the holidays. The key here is to pick a cookie that ships well. Delicate cookies like Florentines or stained glass wafers may arrive as a box of crumbs after tumbling across the country or around the world. Choose a cookie that holds up well to being handled and won’t disintegrate in a change of temperature. Bar cookies, brownies and some chocolate chip cookies tend to ship well. Packing stores can also give you advice on the best way to pack your cookies so that they will arrive intact and delicious.

2.When deciding on cookies to give as a gift it is important to consider the likes and food preferences of the recipient. While you may a like an exotic cookie with an unusual taste keep in mind that it may not be to everyone’s liking. If you want your cookies to be consumed and relished consider a cookie that will have a wide appeal. Traditional favorites tend to be well liked (hence why they are favorites). Sugar cookies (iced or plain), chocolate chip and bar cookies tend to be liked by just about everyone. If you are making a highly specific gift of cookies for someone be sure and find out if they have food allergies.

3.It is important to understand when it is appropriate to give cookies. Anytime that a casual home made gift is acceptable than cookies would be fine. Neighbors, teachers, service people and of course family and friends will always appreciate a gift of homemade cookies. If your recipient is someone with whom you share only a professional relationship or perhaps someone you don’t see often but feel a need to send a gift to then perhaps home made cookies may not be the correct gift of choice. In addition be sensitive to those with certain dietary restrictions or those who may not be able to accept gifts at all due to job regulations.

4.Part of the fun of using Christmas cookies for gifts is the multitude of fun ways that they can be packaged. Be sure and browse the aisle of your craft store for lots of ideas. Plastic Chinese food containers, tins, bags and baskets can all add to the festivity of your gift and make your Christmas cookies look even more delicious. Wrap your cookies with lots of tissue paper, confetti and yards of ribbon streamers and you will have a gift that will long be remembered!

5.So what can you do if you want to share Christmas cookies but are really not a baker? Do not despair there are ways for you to join the cookie fun without even turning on your oven. Many web sites have delicious cookies that can be shipped to your loved ones both near and far. Understandably they are not homemade but many of these cookies are delicious and can be a wonderful gift (especially for someone who is not a baker as well). Consider checking out sites that donate a portion of their profits to a charity and then include a note to your cookie recipient that while they are eating the cookies they can know there gift is helping someone else! For another fun twist on Christmas cookies consider giving cookies in a jar. The dry ingredients are layered in a quart jar then topped with a decorative top. Attach the recipe and your best wishes for lots of happy cookie baking! Deliver to the recipient and know that you may have given them the best gift of all an afternoon of their own cookie baking!

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