Baby-Sock Snowmen

Baby Socks and a Cap

If you are looking for a great way to personalize your Christmas this year you may want to consider making your own ornaments. While there are numerous ideas on countless websites and in magazines and books if you are looking for some unexpected ideas there are plenty. You can make your handmade Christmas ornaments out of items that no one expects to use when decorating. You will delight your guests, stretch your creative muscles and perhaps be able to give that one-of-a-kind gift for lucky family and friends. So rather than stick with everyday ideas for making ornaments here are some ideas for unexpected handmade Christmas ornaments-

One of the best parts of this ornament is that it involves recycling. The snowmen are made from those baby socks that never really get dirty or wear out. While most kids can do this craft younger children will need some help. This craft can be done in less than 1 hour.

What you will need:

•White baby sock
•Fabric or ribbon
•Colored baby sock (makes two hats)
•Permanent markers
•Orange pipe cleaner (nose)
•Any color pipe cleaner (earmuffs)
•2 mini pompons

Instructions for the project: Fill the foot of a white baby sock with plenty of batting. Tie the sock shut just above the ankle with string. Completely trim off the cuff. Divide the sock ball into the body and head by tying a strip of fabric or ribbon (which is the scarf) around the sock. To make the hat, gather the colored sock together at the ankle and tie it with string. Leave plenty of string for a hanging loop. Cut off the foot of the sock. Roll up the edge of the sock to look like a stocking cap. Glue or sew the hat onto the snowman. The next step is to glue or sew on buttons. You can then draw on the eyes and mouth with markers. Cut a 1-inch piece of pipe cleaner and poke it through for the nose. For earmuffs, simply wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around the head and tuck the ends under the hat rim. Glue on pompons.

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